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Challenge #179: Artistic Academics


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Challenge #179: Artistic Academics
Concept: Blackvision
Story: Pikminenco
Contributions from: Flamestalker, Noctua Spell, Pikminenco, Blackvision

Tagline : What would science be without art and culture? Sade your curiosity but don't overextend yourself

Bia sits at a table in the society’s courtyard. With a knife in one hand and a block of wood firmly kept in place by the other she is carving a figure out of the wood. Woodcraft requires utmost concentration, which makes it more annoying when Anna suddenly interrupts your work.
‘’Hello there Bia. I just couldn’t stop noticing that ‘wood crafting’ thing you have been doing. Don’t you want to spend your time doing something more…..how should I says this…..useful?’’ she asks. Bia keeps her attention on the block of wood.
‘’I have done my sword training, physical training, mind training and weapon cleaning today. My schedule is finished.’’ She says.
‘’But you can do something productive with that free time.’’ Anna insists.
‘’I am doing something productive. I am calming my nerves from all the battling I have done.’’ Bia says as she carefully carves out the eyes. Anna puts the pieces of paper on the table.
‘’But you could do so much more than making art outside of battling. You could help society move forward by making discoveries in nature, history or even something as trivial as astronomy.’’ Anna says. Phailin, who overheard the argument, confronts Anna.
‘’Didn’t you study that for a while?’’ she asks.
‘’I did, that’s why I know it is trivial.’’
‘’Don’t act like art has never made the human race prosper. Where would all those scientists be if they had no way to cool their head.’’ She says. Anna turns around and spreads her arms.
‘’True scientists do not need to take their minds off their work. The creation of humanity’s next advancement is all they need to keep their focus on the project. Just imagine where we would be as human beings if all effort was put in scientific progress!? The moon? Mars? Perhaps even BEYOND Neptune!’’ she says while no longer looking at her papers. One by one Bia grabs them. Phailin rolls her eyes.
‘’Where we would be? Not at a fun place that is. If all you do is work, work and more work there is no time in life to appreciate the wonders that people can create. Art is important part of human creativity. Cultural advancement is not done by studying but expressing your deepest feelings in ways that trigger those same senses of wonder in others.’’ She says. Anna smirks.
‘’Sure, create your sculptures and discuss philosophy at that open fire you barbarian. Meanwhile I will live comfortably inside with electrical lighting and heating. I will help the cause of bettering the standards of living. Those papers for instance will not be displayed behind a case but read by the scientific minds of this generation!’’ Anna proclaims. Phailin looks at what Bia has been doing with Anna’s research.
‘’I somehow doubt that.’’ Phailin says while looking wonder struck. Anna now notices it as well. Her mouth walls open out of anger or maybe even surprise. Bia folds the last side of the paper. After quickly inspecting all the sides she puts its next to the others.
‘’Here is an origami swan family. Now it is art. Scientific art. We’re done her.’’ She says, picks up the wood carving and leaves.

  • Your Captain and Crew can be anyone, except for Anna and Earl
  • Your Main Resource must be Science
  • Get Science, but dont get too many Research Papers
  • You must play on Adventure mode.
Your Score is your Renown - Penalties

You are penalised for each Research Paper (including research tree openings) that you've completed, the size of the penalty depends on the ammount of them you've completed.

The Penalty per Research Paper is your amount of Research Papers (including openings) times a hundred. For example if you have 8 research papers then your penalty would be 8*800=6400, but if you only have 3 then it would be 3*300=900
  • BRONZE: 2500 Points (1MP*)
  • SILVER: 6000 Points (2MP*)
  • GOLD: 10000 Points (3MP*)
  • PLATINUM: 15000 Points (3MP+**)
* Number of medal points awarded when playing on Classic Difficulty. Easy and Normal give less, according to these rules.
Gold and Platinum medals may only be achieved without losing, though Silver and Bronze are still possible to get with just the Record sheet for that trip.
** The platinum medal is extraordinary and can only be achieved on Classic or Impossible difficulty without losing. It doesn't increase Medal Points further than a Gold medal, but we will track how many you have.

How to participate
You can participate with a highscore, a story or both.

Write a story. Use the Challenge theme as an inspiration by looking at the constraints. Find other stories in the Fan Story directory or by looking at previous challenges.
Post your story in a new topic in these forums.
Also link to it to this thread with a comment: Include the first paragraph/few lines of your story in the post here to show readers what your story is about.

Play the game according to the challenge rules and in Adventure mode.
Post in this topic a screenshot of your Win Screen*, right after the ceremony or your Leaderboard record.* Also include a text version of your score with the submission to allow for error checking.
Submit by 12:00 noon CET, 03/04/2020 (Or 04/03/2020 for those using MM/DD/YY)
(click here for your local time equivalent )
NOTE: Only one score will be accepted - only one submission for each player please. If you wish to enter a new score, please edit your initial entry and make it clear which score you are submitting, and add the word "EditGreenlight" to the entry so we can see immediately when the result needs updating.
*If you forget to screenshot the Win screen, you can also enter with a screenshot of your Leaderboards: Go to Main Menu > Leaderboards > Local > click the entry that matches your submission game > screenshot those details.

Game Version
Must be Build 522 or later

Story ideas:Where did Bia learn to make origami and woodcraft? Why is Phailin so defensive about works of art? In what diabolical way will Anna get her revenge?

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