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Class Concepts (Balance-wise)


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A few ideas for class concepts that seem (to me!) to fit the current state of play (feel free to add your own!):

> Disciple who specialises in either wiping out buffs/debuffs or countering whenever an enemy uses buffs/AoEs/debuffs
> Disciple who reacts to reactions
> Disciple that buffs health for the team
> Disciple that hits opposite enemy and deals damage to those adjacent to them (to make prioritising the middle position important without letting them get out of hand by having 3 AoEers)
> Disciple who drains enemy stats to the team (possibly just their highest offence/lowest defence one)
>Disciple who gets a direct damage bonus from faith (possibly with a bunch of ways of getting faith boosts in sacraments/village)

Hope these are at the very least interesting ;)