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Class thematic organization

I saw some discussion of limiting each virtue to a few classes at the beginning. That sounds like a good idea, but I do think regardless of whether that happens or not, the distribution of ability categories/types across classes could be improved. Here's my braindump:
ClassElementRequired VirtuePrimary DamagePrimary Ability Categories
Rage ProphetAncestralMoraleBerating
Charity special classAncestralCharityMoraleKind
Some kind of wrestler?NaturePhysicalPacifying
Greed special class (some kind of thief?)DarkGreedPhysicalWeird
Lust PriestLifeLustMoraleWeird

Can't remember the war special class atm.

Things about this:
-There's a positive and negative category for both morale and physical.
-There's a category (weird) that doesn't interact with any category special abilities (which should have benefits and drawbacks).
-There's an even distribution of damage types, elements, and categories.
-Ascetic gets a neat shtick where they just ignore the element system, for good or ill.
-I'd want to ensure that there are three physical focused virtues and three morale focused virtues, but no one would be completely locked out of the other type.
-There's still plenty of room for variation between the classes (AoE vs single target, blocking vs attacking, target across vs spread out targeting, one ability with an out-of-specialty element or category, etc.
-The goal is to allow the player to slowly tailor their religion and disciple lineup to account for the randomness in disciples and relics they encounter.
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