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Hello there! Good game, but I have suggestions!! My biggest one is EVENTS! Please give us village squabbles, festivals, crimes, love interests, disagreements, and other things we can judge - and have that judgement affect the values and traditions of the village! At the moment, I feel pretty powerless to actually affect the lives of the people. It would be amazing if, instead of just picking the values of the village, we had events that determine them based on our judgements. And I should be able to judge the dead! I want to decide what paradise looks like for the elders, or if they reincarnate, etc. Also: please give me dilemmas where I have to choose the village happiness vs the happiness of someone they hate because of wrongdoing/rumours/being an outsider! So, for example - one villager wants to worship nature, another wants to worship something else. They could then either a) offer you a choice, or b) just do it, and have older members condemn the new practice and ask you to intervene.


My second biggest suggestion is that we need ways to affect the flow of the battle! For example:

  • Let us pick a strategy each round. for example: protect the weakest character, attack their weakest character. Etc. I think this would massively help combat! Other actions could be: focus team on defence, focus team on attack, skip turn to pray in order to charge a super attack (etc). This is my biggest suggestion!
  • It would be even better if we could pick attacks/actions too, and had more options there.
  • Being able to hold mock training battles instead of running headlong into an inevitable and unavoidable defeat would be really good.
  • It would also be good if we could back out of converting an island and come back later! I'm stranded on Death island with a loadout that would stomp other islands, but I'm losing!
  • It would also be really cool if we could grant the team (or a single person) a blessing before they start! So, for example, you could choose to bless the health (or attack, etc) of your weakest character very strongly - or to weakly bless the health of all of them. I realise dreams do something like this, but they are out of combat actions. Or a blessing that's double edged - like making the crowd more impressed by EVERY action, etc.
  • It would be really good if you could list what elements a class is strong and weak against on the class page - and list current preferred classes on young ones when you pick them.
  • I really think we should be able to choose more than one of their abilities, and abilities should probably be a tree where you put in points to unlock things. That would make me care about abilities a lot more.
  • There doesn't seen to be any way to stop a character from being obligated to a ritual right when I need them for a fight. Other options besides preforming miracles (meditate for +faith etc) might help. I often have to pick a ritual I know I'll have to cancel!
  • It's not super clear what certain stats like fervour or faith do in combat. I realise that running out of them is bad, but what does boosting them do? Also: everyone's faith is almost always 55.
  • Why does every enemy say "for Gaia!" when there are multiple enemy gods?
  • Sometimes the central character on your team will praise themselves for certain things as if they were other people.
  • The unaligned godless tribe probably shouldn't talk as if they had a god.

Other suggestions:
  • Animism could probably be a starting faith in-of itself.
  • Mercy should be a stat related to events where you judge people.
  • It would be good if the island difficulty rating was dynamic so it could take into account your current loadout
  • When customising rituals, it would be good if all the disciple suggestions were different. For example, options I got last time were: "Shun animals, destroy animals, sacrifice animals" All negatives. What about worship animals? I don't know if this is dynamic or based on character personality of anything.


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Abbey Games Developer
Hey there, thanks for the suggestions!

I have to say, I find almost all of them really good. There are many ideas here that I would've loved to see in Godhood! Some of your ideas (like the first one with choosing virtues through stories) was in the original, but we went in way over our head with a lot of risks. Maybe with all the smarts we got from doing Godhood, we could make a really cool sequel who hits all those notes!

Again, thanks for the suggestions! Maybe we can implement some of them!


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Thank you so much for your reply! That's really encouraging to hear! :) I hope that you do implement some. If you are looking for random scenarios for an event system, I'm a writer so I'm sure I'd be able to give you a few. Would be really interesting to see the picking of traditions done via this method.
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