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Coming Soon: The Will of the People Update


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Hey there young gods!

A little over a week has passed, the dust has settled a bit and it took some time for us to get used to, but the realization has kicked in: Godhood is out in Early Access on Steam and GOG!

THANK YOU! Thank you if you backed on Kickstarter. Thank you if you purchased an Early Access copy. Thank you.

And thanks to those of you who took the time and effort to report bugs, give us feedback or share your experiences on the forums! We’re trying to respond as much as we can, fix issues as fast we can, and take all your feedback and suggestions into our plans to improve the game going forward.

We haven’t missed the mixed reviews and the well-considered critical feedback. Last Thursday we sat down with the entire team to distill the main issues people have with Godhood.

These are the most common points of feedback we've heard from you:
  • A lack of mechanical depth in the gameplay experience; there aren’t enough strategic options and the choices that you make don’t feel meaningful enough - this also discourages multiple playthroughs.
  • There are no consequences from failure and no sudden challenges to overcome.
  • There is a disconnect between the fantasy of being a god and what you actually do in the game.
  • The world doesn't feel alive, where you're the only active force.
  • The Sacraments are unbalanced; forcing you to focus on quick, high damage, or grind for a long time.
Look forward to us working to expand and improve Godhood with these topics in mind during Early Access. We'll be starting off with...

Coming Soon: The 'Will of the People' update
This update will be focused on increasing mechanical depth, adding more challenge and raising the consequences of your actions.

Take care to keep up your worshippers' enthusiasm by participating in the Sacrament!

  • It introduces Enthusiasm, which shows how excited your worshippers are about your religion. Go out on the Sacrament while they are excited to get a boost, but wait too long with a Sacrament and the people's enthusiasm will plummet, causing bad things to happen for your religion!
  • Tied to this is Tribute. Resources gathered in your temple site are placed in your tribute, and only by winning a Sacrament will you earn your (and the enemy's!) tributes. Lose, and the enemy gets their pick of your tribute...!
  • We have a couple of other exciting features planned for this update. Divine intervention in the Sacrament, many more building options to expand your temple site at the cost of materials, a reworking of the Faith system, and boosting your disciples abilities for the next Sacrament, to name a few.
Your God demands blood!!

Expect this first Major Update to hit Early Access on August 7th!

We’re currently hard at work on this, while also adding as much new content as we can and providing support to everyone who is running into bugs or technical issues (if you have any, let us know on the forums!).

In the mean-time we’ll also keep streaming on Twitch, Youtube and Steam with Rick explaining both the game as it is now and what we’re planning on improvements. Come join in on one of these!
  • July 24th, 7PM CEST: Reviewing the first two weeks of Godhood in Early Access
  • July 31, 7PM CEST: Previewing changes that are in the upcoming update
  • August 7, 7PM CEST: Playing the Will of the People update!

We'll keep you up to date as development keeps going! For now, if you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear them over on our Community Forums. Hope you've had fun playing Godhood and happy to have you along for the ride as it improves and grows!

Thanks young gods!

- Joni and Rick


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Would like to add quickly that I think there *is* challenge, but it's more about learning the game (and potentially, abusing horrifically OP combinations) than puzzle-like tactical choices.

Otherwise, looks great! Only thing I'd ask is that the Enthusiasm also has stages between going to a Sacrament and being enthused before they start getting grumbly - ones which make the sacrament harder. Presumably in relation to you having no Tribute, so they're like "Nothing to gamble, boo! Boring!" etc :p

Very excited to see what happens with tributes and intervention/faith/etc!

Thanks for managing to get through a tremendous amount of feedback (mwahaha)!


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Looking forward to seeing the balance changes! Plus, the god manifesting their power during the fight feels really good! Feels like something that's really going to connect the player as a god to their people.