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Commandment Ideas!


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So I know that Madness is incoming, I cannot wait for that! But some other ideas chat was tossing around on Twitch during today's stream - Magic/Science, Storms, Order/Chaos. I can see so many of these working out amazingly! I look forward to seeing what the monks come up with for us to play around with! Would be really cool as well if each commandment came with some unique disciple appearance options (that aren't class specific like the War class)! But I could see that being potentially taxing on the artist(s) and something that could maybe be added much later on!


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Growth/Decay -
GROWTH-To improve yourself to your best potential. We will grow to be the best, and while the journey there will be full of obstacles, we will trample over them. We will bring glory to our god through the battles we win.
DECAY- To eliminate the unworthy. We are the best, and everything else is imperfect. We must prune the world of the weak and mild in order to make the world perfect. We will eliminate what our god deems unworthy to exist.
Magic/Science -
MAGIC-The earth is full of untapped potential, and we are the ones who will use its blessings. We have been given power by our god, therefore our will is our god's will.
SCIENCE- The world is the canvas and we are the brush. We will make technological marvels for our god, and use them to shape the earth as he pleases.
Storm/Sun- Chaos versus Order.
STORM-We relish in not understanding the unknown. Everything is random, everything is a new experience. We will make the world into our cacophonous orchestra to sing praises for our god.
SUN- We relish in the routine: the rising and the setting of the sun and moon. We are safe to walk the well-worn path. We will make the world understand the soothing rythm of the stars, and sing along to the praises for our god.
Heheheheh! :DD


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pls note, this is not to tear down other ideas. Merely an attempt at constructive criticism for the sake of discussion. :D

we do have to think about not overlapping too much though.

Growth/Decay both sound like a sub-class of "WAR" to me. being the light and dark variant.
Maybe it is an idea to let each commandment have a dark/neutral/light subclass, depending on the alignment you choose when creating the god.
in the case for WAR this could be Decay/Survival/Growth.

"Astrology" is floating around in my head. was thinking about the sun in that context.
subclasses being moon/cycle/sun.
- moon praising the vast darkness of the cosmos, even stars come to an end so their vision is to "put out everyone's light"
- cycle believing in the balance of light and darknesss. one creates darkness by stepping into the light (referencing to the shadow you create)
- sun praising the light, looking at the stars (other suns) as the bringers of life, being the true example of standing up to darkness all around you.

The alignment choice has to be moved to the commandment screen for this to work though. :unsure: (Or maybe not if you want them to feel the consequences of their choices immediatley :ROFLMAO:)

anyways, maybe the alignment subclass is a stretch. But I think it would add more feel and value to the alignment pick. + increases replayability?



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I'll definitely be curious to see more commandment ideas. I can even imagine this:


In Freedom: People must fight for their freedom and for everyone else in order to create a better world. Freedom will bring happiness to people, and that would give a better morale in order to serve their god.
In Slavery: Some people believe they're the chosen ones and they'll make sure to create the world their god deserve to get. If anyone refuse to follow their path, they'll be considered weak and worthless, which will lead to slavery as they'll be forced to obbey and serve their new god. I can imagine a unique class where the unit has a whip as weapon.

Now, they're just thoughts and ideas. I'm aware everything may not be included but we can suggest something to help the developpers to make their game. I wonder if it's still possible to have custom commandments though? Either way, I'm eager to try the new update and test it out. ^^


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*Stares at Rick without blinking* We all know Cats are the superior religious animal, Rick. Don't be silly.


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hmm, i beg to differ.
Cats are mostly known for their presence in Egyptian Religion.
the christian church also burned them alongside witches in the medieval ages
not a single bible reference. And the black cat superstition (wich is superstition, not religion).
added by edit: it doesn't even get an own wiki page, this is what i found, searching.

as to dogs and religion:
BOOM! all major religions and then some.
(could have copy pasted the whole thing for dramatic effect but didn't want to use up too much forum-space :ROFLMAO:)


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You're telling me dogs have, ohhh, 9 religions in total? Pfft. Cats are worshipped in every household they deign to live in :p

That worship (and oppose-able thumbs) are the reason our cat overlords allow humanity to exist.

If any doubt remains, I give you: the internet :p
(Although I suspect cats wouldn't mince their words like that)
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But anyway, back to Commandments!

Socialist (not meaning the political implication) vs Individualist - eg. A warlike socialist religion would be about conquest and spreading the religion, while a warlike individualist one is about proving they're the strongest and ruling by force (and stamping out other religions) while a peaceful socialist religion is aiming to build a civilisation together, while an individualist one is all about preserving the rights of the individual.

Wonder vs Fear - are your people expanding to see the world and explore it or to protect themselves from its dangers?

Soylent Greens y/n? ;)

Preservation vs Rebirth - perhaps just a rework of growth vs decay, but rather more holistic in approach - do you want your people to nurture and preserve the world or remake it to suit your/their needs?

Slavery y/n?
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