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Community Goals, Rules and Guidelines


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games builds management games in a devout, yet playful manner. We hope you enjoy our games in a similar way and we aim to create and maintain a community that extends that enjoyment. Next to that, we want both our games and this community to be welcoming to players that aren't familiar with the genre or with games and on-line communities at all. To help us reach these goals, try to adhere to these core values:
  1. Helpfulness - try to help each other out, wherever you can! Our games can be a bit daunting in terms of complexity, it's nice to get some guidance from fellow community members.
  2. Creativity - feel free to let our games inspire you to write, draw or create stuff in any kind of way and please feel free to share it! The worlds of Reus, Renowned Explorers and Godhood are far from finished or set in stone. Every piece of creativity that's shared within this community adds to those worlds!
And, to keep this forum a safe space please take notice of these rules and guidelines.
  1. Please, do not harm other people.
  2. Don't post anything NSFW (Not Safe for Work), as there are people of various age groups here. Swearing is normally allowed, but try to keep it at a minimum.
  3. Don't use the forum for any illegal activities, including but not limited to spreading pirated software.
Since this community is (and hopefully always will be) in development, growing and changing, we'll regularly add to, and update these rules and guidelines. You can help us do that by commenting on this thread with suggestions or questions.

Thanks for building this community with us and for keeping it a positive place on the internet.

From the Abbey,

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