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I fell in love with God sim type games ever since Sims, Black and White, and most RTS games really. I've always wanted to play a game with this sort of concept, charting out a religion and based on your choices your city and people grow and evolve in different ways. Bonus points for the tribal setting with cute artwork.

I'm surprised there's not an Archer type class given the setting though. I only bring it up because one of the arms of the God symbol features archery. I think it would be cool if there was some kind of archer or ranger type unit, maybe slingers or atalists. I'm also surprised there's no spearmen.

I'm curious though, what happens to units that die if you don't set burial rites? It'd be pretty funny if the village goes into a panic if that happens. That said, it feels like it takes too long to research something as integral as burial rites.

The Chaos line is a lot of fun, very Lovecraft, always a perk that. Any plans for like an Order or Law line to "oppose" that? That would create some interesting match ups with the other lines. And another thing, since there's a Animism line, perhaps there could be one that focuses on Industry; or maybe Pantheism for a different approach, you know? The God coming from heaven or outer space instead of being from the Earth. That kind of thing. One last idea, maybe there could be like a three way split between a matriarchal, egalitarian, and a patriarchal track, each with their own unique bonuses.

Just some thoughts. I'm eager to see how this game develops.