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Disciple assigned to miracle does not perform it

I assigned a disciple to a miracle and spent my offerings. Either it got canceled when I picked a different job for a different disciple (which should not have been an option as I was at 3 of 3 jobs inspired) or it just never showed up at all. I know the disciple was assigned to a miracle because he can't be assigned to a miracle at this point.


Abbey Games Developer
Hey Bouquet, thanks for reporting the issue. Can you explain it a bit more?
- Did you press next turn? Or did the bug occur during the turn itself?
- When you say: "it just never showed up at all", do you mean the miracle or the disciple (at the ritual)? What did you expect to happen that didn't happen?
Btw, when you're at 3/3 assignments, you can still re-assign disciples that already have a job.
Do you have a save-game of the situation by any chance?