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Early Access Roadmap 2.0


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
This is our Early Access Roadmap forward from the Newfound Shores Update! We met all our goals of the previous roadmap, so it's time to come with more details on the future! We always appreciate feedback and support. :)

These features are 100% going to be in the game before a 1.0 release.
  1. Consequences: Stories and happenings that occur depending on choices you've made in the game. They won't heavily impact the game's core loop, but will be rewarding stories or moments.
  2. Achievements: A classic component of all Abbey Games!
  3. Content: Greed will be in the game, as well as more islands and ending to the game. The ending will depend on your Follower count!
These are features we would love to implement, but given our time and budget, might not make it in the 1.0 release or even after that. The better the game does, the more we can do of these!
  1. Extra Arenas: Put some more visual variety in the game as you visit other islands!
  2. More Tenets: Mix-and-match more of your religion!
  3. More Customization: Always good.
  4. More Strategy: We have some ideas to make Sacraments more strategic, and your run more memorable!
  5. Records: Look back at religions you've played in the past, with high scores and more information!
  6. More Classes: Depending on the strategic options, we might want to add more classes.
  7. Quality-of-Life Improvements: We're always looking for ways to make the game a more smooth experience!

Do you have any ideas? Is there something that you particularly would like to see? Post a comment here or one of our other communication channels! We'd love to hear your opinion!
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Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
An update to our roadmap:

  1. We are going to add more strategic elements! More coming soon!
  2. We are not going to make more classes. We tried it, but it didn't improve the game.
  3. We're committing to cooler Tenets!


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Where would you say you are standing now timeline-wise since you crossed out number 6 more classes and there were some pictures in discord of I think tenets


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
We're getting pretty far! The consequences, cooler tenets, strategy and more customization are all packed in one, which we're making content for as we speak. :) I think we're reaching the 80% mark!