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Hello Godhood gang!

With the release of the Old One Rising Update, we wanted to open up about our process going forward.
This is why we created the Roadmap, as seen above.

We want to give you a sense what milestones we want to hit going forward during the Early Access.
The main milestone goals for Early Access:
  • Expanding the mechanics for building your religion.
    Yes, this includes Cat Worship 🙀.
    UPDATE: Milestone 1 'Create Your Own Religion' introduces 'Religion Developments', vastly expanding your religion crafting.
    This also includes the 'Religious Tenet' system. And yes... the 'Animism' Tenet includes 'Cat Worship'!!
  • Overhauling the World Map and implementing a form of map generation so the challenges you face are different each playthrough.​
  • Polishing up the game's UI, Quality of Life, gameplay balance to our satisfaction for a 1.0 release.
    UPDATE: While not all the way there, Milestone 1 'Create Your Own Religion' completely overhauls the game's economy, recruitment system and introduces new Sacrament rules and preparation opportunities.
Only when those milestones are met will we be confident in releasing the game into as the official 1.0 release.

Of course, we have huge fantasies for what Godhood can be! And we've heard quite a few suggestions for how to expand Godhood after launch from you, as well! That's why we're already thinking about how Godhood can be expanded after 1.0. We hope you're as excited as us about what the future could hold...

Get in touch if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the Roadmap!
Thanks a bunch! Spread the good word!
- Rick
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Estimated Launch date for Milestone 1
We're making good progress on the first milestone update (#3: Create Your Own Religion), and we're now far enough to estimate how much production is still left. Our estimate is that we'll need another 5 weeks to create, polish and test all the necessary content and features for this Milestone update. So until further notice expect Update #3 to reveal itself around October 23rd. 'Create Your Own Religion' will radically increase the options of defining your religion, something that Godhood really needs! So we want to take enough time to ensure the update's quality.

Religion Development Beta
Update #3 will contain many improvements, but the flagship feature is Religion Development, a new feature that helps you define your religion as it grows. We'll have a first version of it ready next week. We plan on running a public beta starting September 25th to see what you think of it. If you want to help us test Religion Development, make sure to check back next week!

Minor Updates
Religious Expression is our focus now, but it's likely that we'll launch smaller updates before October 23rd to do bug fixes. Thank you all for the reports you've made so far. This greatly helps us improve the game.


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Milestone 1 'Create Your Own Religion' has launched!
Introducing a new flagship feature: 'Religion Development', allowing you to develop and define your religion in much greater detail by proceeding down one of many different 'tech trees'.

For info about all the other new features, balance changes and system overhauls read about them here: