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End Game Bugs


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I finished the game for the first time, and I encountered some bugs related to it:
- After finishing one playthrough, the Relics in the main menu's Collection tab are not updated. They appear as if not been discovered yet.
- I'm still able to click "Continue" in the main menu. If I do so, the game goes back to the last Sacrament fight.


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Yep, adding to this, a few odd things happen when you try to load any autosaves from before completion. They'll hang for a bit and then crash the game. Deleting the most recent autosave and then trying to load an earlier autosave also has a similar problem. In that case though, the game will just hang and freeze on the load screen. If i had to guess, I'd say that something is checking for the most recent complete autosave and trying to load it, and then having a conflict when the game also is trying to load the player's selection, or if that completed save is deleted. Normal saves don't seem to have this issue.