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[feedback] my experience (training, losing the game?)


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this post will probably only be interesting to the developpers, but maybe someone else can add their feedback to my experience.

I'm back from holidays and started a new game with the new update. Explanation is clear, and all went well for the first island.
But after winning that final spot on that island, I also renewed some discilples. And then I found out there is not really a intuitive way to train these new disciples. So I lost a lot of my sacraments after that.
That felt punishing.

Eventually, things got better, but when I reached the final island, I got problems again. I thought I had a good selection of disciples, but those happened to be very weak to my opponents in the following sacraments. Recruiting new disciples punished me even harder. And than suddenly, I lost the game. I had no clue there was a track that kept score of this and my followers all left because I lost too many sacraments, I think.
If that was explained, I missed it, so this probably needs more attention in the tutorial, maybe a warning when it's getting too low?

I also felt like there is need to train new disciples. i'll start another run now, maybe that gives a more satisfying experience.

Anyway, love the creativity in this game. I certainly recommend this to others!


Hi @rebeccawoe , not a dev, but still a interesting read!

You can only 'train' disciples by leveling them up (performing a miracle), and they can only do that after being in several sacraments.
You probably want to pick a battle that can be won by two strong disciples and just let the newbie tag along to gain experience. Several times.
Later disciples tend to start out with higher stats, gain stats faster (if you pick the right ones) plus you've probably upgraded your main miracle building by then, so they should be able to catch up after that!? If you have disciples with different elements, you should be able to cope with the different sacrament set ups. Otherwise wait for your people to get excited for you to go to battle, the 50% Awe Points might help in difficult fights?

You do lose the game when you lose too many sacraments, since the update. This is not explained ingame yet, nor are there any warnings. Fair point.