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feedback on the game


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I played through a few times, here's my thoughts

-Songsmith seems to be OP, if you get one or 2, you can just wipe all the enemies as long as you go first.
-Playing as all physical (war) seemed to be much harder.
-Classic seemed fairly balanced, impossible was... hard
-weaver seems very weak, although the AI stacks them and that works well. but the AI's weavers have many more HP.
-one time i got a 8 point character at the first initiation, and couldn't add them ( max 20 disciples) i feel like that crippled by development a bit.
-could you pull the 4th job slot down a few god levels? 4 and 5 seem right on top of each other
-can get into a death spiral if the wrong character has a prayer for rest, especially if in the first few years.


-I like the old age mechanic and the buffs to new characters, but the game right now there isn't time or space upgrade people. Once my first recruits grey out, I've always just rushed the final city. Should there be a mechanic to farm/grow new recruits? 1 miracle XP per turn takes a long time. It's an interesting tension (when do i stop upgrading my early recruits) , but I can't see how to reliably switch the team once all the cities left are 8+ skulls.

-I haven't used the ritual buildings that give relics very much, seems like a high opportunity cost?

-I don't think I have enough characters/time to really play the balance / counter game. I may be fighting a city with high moral damage, but i'm going to bring the 3 people I have ready, not the disciples with high moral defense.

-the random attacks can be frustrating. especially when it seems that it's fairly easy for the AI to disable your characters, but almost impossible to disable one of the AI
-you get a free temple at god level 8, not clear if that should come first instead of wasting material on a different temple?

-it took a while for me to figure out what Awe was. I thought it was victory points at first
-does HP regenerate without the garden? A building to increase that might be interesting
-the GUI should reflect what resources your team is going to get during the next season. I can see the building, but it's not obvious if you're getting 5, or 6, or 10 believers/offerings/material to your reserve.
-Next season could remind you if you have unused disciples? its not obvious that sacrament is the same as a season
-Miracles are level-ups. There should be some description of that.
-on the ritual selection, we need more feedback on what the different abilities are. When you upgrade to the second ritual, it would be nice to be able to look at your disciples, because they may all hate the one you chose!
-on the war ritual shrine, you can get bloodlust or something as the 3rd option when you level up a character? It's instead of material or offerings i don't know what bloodlust is.
-sometimes you have to click a button for the god level-up, sometimes you don't?
-its not clear what the the faith level has to do with the miracle when you perform one/level up a disciple
-does playing as Peace give you free ritual upgrades, sometimes? not that clear to me.
-it's very unclear which character you should pick to bless the relics.


Abbey Games Developer
Thanks for the feedback thesham! Especially the 'confusing' stuff can be hard to see for us after working on the game for so long ;)