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Feedback: The Old One Rising


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So, I just tested out the new major update and that one pretty good and interesting I have to say! ^^

I didn't play it until the end but long enough to show my impressions for the new Madness commandment:

-New commandment means new classes which is always a good thing to experiment. And always good to see new outfit for our disciples as well. Definitely eager to see more later on.
-The Temple of Madness is pretty strong. Well, maybe a bit too strong when I performed miracles there. But what's interesting about it, it's still expensive and can only be performed once per disciple. So yeah, we have to make sure to have enough ressources for it, so, we obviously need a good tactic for it.
-And the last one to talk about is the Corrupting Grounds. I have to say... it's the most interesting building so far! Pretty powerful when we use it, +8 stats everywhere but at the cost of 15 years old for the disciple who work there, and it's only temporarily as it's mainly used for the next sacrament, after that, the effect disappears and so, less time to train the disciple before he/she starts to age. So yeah. Basically, you may want to use it just before they start to age up, like around 40-45 years old. Or if we're close to losing the game, it can be used as a last resort as well in order to increase our chance of survival for the next sacrament.

But yeah. That's my impressions and it's definitely a good one for sure! So, good job on that update! I'm curious to see more once again. ^^

Also, when we win a sacrament, I really like unique the victory scenes depending on the first commandment we picked:
-"Dominated" when we picked War.
-"Persuaded" when we picked Peace.
-"Enticed" when we picked Lust.

Now, when we picked Chastity and Madness as our first commandment, it only showed "Victory" for now. Well, maybe it changed for Chastity? Haven't check it out actually. But I can easily imagine unique texts when we win sacraments under thoses commandments:
-"Purified" for Chastity.
-"Corrupted" for Madness.

It could also be translated in several languages as well. And since I'm french, might as well give some words translation in order to help a little bit:
-"Dominated" => "Dominé"
-"Persuaded" => "Persuadé"
-"Enticed" => "Attiré" (Alternatively, it could also be "Séduit" for "Seduced". Not sure which word would fit more then, just a thought then.)
-"Purified" => "Purifié"
-"Corrupted" => "Corrompu"

-"Victory" => "Victoire"
-"Defeat" => "Défaite"

Yeah, like we say, many words are more or less transparents when we translate in an another language.

Alright, I think I resumed everything so far since the last major update. A very good one, that for sure. It was certainly fun. Hope this feedback will help. And thanks for adding new contents as well. Keep making a good work! =)