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Feedback: TheWill of the people


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So, I just test out the new major update and that is certainly interesting. ^^


What I enjoyed about it...

Using the followers' current mood is definitely. Like we have strike at the right moment. Between 2 battles, we have time to get prepared, to gather stuffs, and that is a good thing because we spend more time in our town. Of course, it is also a little bit stressful since you can't wait doing nothing for too long.
Now, the building that generate experience for disciple is fantastic! We no longer need to do those training maps over and over. Although, maybe redoing some battles we completed in order to gather some more ressources could be useful in case we face some tough opponents. Of course, rewards would be less important, like maybe only 50% of the tribute and less experience? I don't know. I say that because, when we fail, it can be tricky and stressful to recover at some points. In any case, it definitely make things interesting. ^^


Now, something that bothered me this time...

Well, I had the feeling it was... short. I wasn't able to try everything actually. It took me around 3 hours to complete the game. When I completed it, I was barely level 11 or 12. So, I couldn't unlock everything. And since we can't really wait too long without fighting, we're a bit forced to move on and so, completing more maps in the same process. What I would really love then... mainly expanding the map and allowing us to explore some more lands and islands. And possible more quests to make things even more interesting. =)


That's what I experienced so far. Now, I'll just wait for the next update. Hopefully this feedback will help to make the game better. ^^


Abbey Games Developer
Great to hear your feedback Effra :) The game is definitely a lot shorter than we want it to be right now. We're currently focused on getting the mechanics of the game right before we start making a whole bunch of content to extend the game, but it's definitely on its way in the coming months :)


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i have only one bad feedback.....everything is good so far but when i get new warriors to use its so hard to lvl them up....like i got a new warrior and i have no free battle to lvl them up like i did in the old patch....