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First impression: Not a Godgame


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Hi @ all,

i really like the complexity of Reus, i think i have over 100 hours on this game. I consider myself a bit a of a fanboi of yours, thats why i try to be as straight forward to you as possible:

I really think Godhood isn't a godgame.. yes theres a god, and a religion, and discples and miracles and sacraments... but as far as i can tell every single on of those systems is only to make your disciples better....

you do a sacrament -> your diciples get a level -> you build a miracle -> you send diciple to new building -> disciple gains power -> repeat with harder sacrament

it feels like the systems are just mainly focussed around getting better diciples. in reus u got ambassadors and your giants got stronger... but then u had a much deeper complexity what u build with your giants... in godhood its just about composition of strong diciples in rock paper scisor style, there is no deeper complexity... or i just missed it?

all so far, all of the buildings directly makes diciples more powerful... and the sacrifice / fanatics building are coins to upgrade the buildings taht makes diciples better... thats sooo simple.. where is the complexity...

the more wins in sacraments u perform, the bigger gets your town and religion, but its meaningless... u cant interact with your town.. u can perform 3 moves per turn, and thats the disciples, not the townsfolk.

so far this game is centered around the ideal to make a godlike diciple, thats it.

no crtic without saying something good:
the music and the artstyle are very immersive and very beatuiful.
again, sorry for the hard words, i mean it well. i hope u guys can add more god-stuff


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Thanks for the well-considered criticism Rascull!

We always wanted Godhood to be less about being an all-powerful force of nature, and more about being a presence that influences and guides a religion. Because of that, we decided to personify your religion through the disciples. It was a natural fit to focus the game on roster management and disciple upgrading.
Please know, however, that we definitely want upgrading your disciples and the rock-paper-scissors combat more nuanced and interesting.

I'd love to hear your ideas on things you'd like to see included in that fantasy. We'll never put in terraforming or anything like that, as the game is more intimate in scale, but I'm curious to hear your other ideas.


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Ok, so u want that my/the presence influences and guides my/the religion. at the moment i (the god) guide my disciples towards work, and to sacraments. my guidance is always centered around diciples, thats it... its like not quite much guidance right?
what about burning some bush, and my diciples interact with that happening in some way to "manipulate" or "expan" or "extend" the religion... some religion happenings u know, that affect the townsfolk, the diciples and the religion in one way or another
what about this kind of guidance: theres a problem within my town, some family stole crops from some other family, and my influence let the stolen crops grow back, or let the stolen crops rot, and my disciples see that as sign of godhood and that affects everything.

if u want to center the game around the diciples, then pls let us more stuff do with them! the sacrifice/fanatic/beliefer - grind could come right out of a mobile game. send them in, click turn, get stuff, spend stuff, repeat.

u want us to guide a religion, and influence it. so pls let us influence it. i want to give my disciples, or townsfolk visions, and have passive impact.
u want godhood not to be a all-powerful force, i really understand that! there are games for that, yes. but its a lie! we force our diciples to do stuff for us, that is the truth, and if we can force them to work, why cant i force them to have a vision, that they grow a cool looking pond, or forest, where they can do stuff, and see that as religious happening that manipulate the religion, where they learn and experience some other stuff


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i replayed it now, but i dont know exactly why i replayed it... after 1 hour of re-playing it i got soo bored, that i just skipped the other island with the 2 skyshared and went as fast as possible for the endboss-fight, which i facerolled with a team that was lvl 4 4 and 3... max level is 5.

it becomes pretty clear to me, that the only god-like decision u do whole game is choosing a religion that equals to getting a buff. thats it.

i went with war this time. my goal was to get 6 diciples, 3x warchief and 3x beastmaster, so that i can use the one 3er group against the counter of my first. both teams run with the war-buff pretty well, and i only need a farm (might) and hunter (cunning), thats about the strategic depth of the game. ohh i forgot! keep them happy to get better miracles. i translate miracles for you: its just another buff. wait there is more strategic!!!!!!! use the temple of whatever religion u chose. coz it gives you A BETTER BUFF (miracle) for your pokemons.

i hope u guys dont lose your spirits on the harsh critique u are getting lately. the abbey-fanbois including me, know that you can do better, and i hope u know that too. stick to the processes and thoughts that made reus a great game, and what i hear renowned explorers. and pls throw away the thoughts that this could be a mobile game, its clear u want it to be a mobile game. pls no mobile game!


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Agree with Rascull. The game is focused on getting more powerful followers, and not on the development of a cult. A cult has no uniqueness, no unique strategy. I think it would be more logical if the properties of a cult would consist of two components: from the nature of God (light, darkness, neutrality) and cult dogmas. The nature of God does not change, but the set of dogmas can be developed by theologians; of course, new dogmas should not contradict the main idea of the cult. And now the sum of these components (God nature and dogmas) should create passive skills and abilities of followers.
Cults fight first of all with their ideas! Fear of God (Judaism) vs Love (Christianity), Nirvana (Buddhism) vs Absolute (Hinduism).
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This is an interesting (and highly relevant) discussion, I reckon.
How would these ideas best be presented and gamified?

The basic setting ofthis game seems right. You are a made up god from a forgotten panteon of Central Americanesque gods, fighting in a pre-gunpowder age. Realistic enough to be recognizable but fantastical enough to not be too easily offended by.
That the spreading of your religion happens at sword point, or at least by an angry mob forcing several key figures to fight it out in the name of lust, chastity, or some other virtue, seems historical enough as well by the way. :/

Note: you are a worshipped god yourself. Not a ruler who uses religion. Not an allmighty god ruling a whole planet.
Just one of the gods around, trying to gain a proper following.
This might be the pivotal distinction between this and other god games.
Abbey Games want you to try and inspire, to guide and to shape a religion.

That the game feels too easy at the moment might be true.
You can recognize the systems already in place that could change that though.
You can gain a new ability for your disciple to use in battle, but because of a RNG it might not be used.
Your disciple might seem happy enough, but once you send him to collect resources, he might refuse you because of a RNG.
If a disciple's faith is low enough, you get three changes to fix that before he leaves your religion.
They'll have personal requests to boast their faith as well though.
Again, all this needs to be tweaked, as everyone feels at the moment it is just good-better-best without any real throwbacks.
The use of a RNG however, picking from a list of options you can interfere with, seems a good basic principle for players to 'influence, but not directly control.'

Telling your disciples exactly what to do and where and when to do it in the village screen does not seem like something a god would be occupied with.
Nor can it be discribed as merely influencing.
So instead of giving players MORE control, I would recommend giving us LESS control.
With random buildings being built, for example. More system initiative, less player control would make for a more interesting game, I think.
Just do add some godpowers in the sacraments ánd in the village please. ;)
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