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First Info! The "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer

"Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update launches October 24!
Learn more about this milestone update in our introduction stream on October 23!
Come join us as we create a religion in a big gameplay stream on October 24!​

  • New System: Religious Development
    Inspire your 👥 Worshippers to develop your religion by guiding them through 🌟 Religious Developments in different 💫 'Religion Trees'!
    Each 🌀 Commandment comes with it's own unique 💫 Religion Tree, which include branching choices as to how your religion develops.

    For example, will your 💀War Religion follow the path of 🛡Valor or ⚔ Savagery?
    And if they do become 🛡Valorous, will they fight for your Greater Good or Personal Glory?
    The choice is yours! Simply Set the 🌟 Religious Development and gather enough 👥Worshippers to make it a reality!
    After this, you can set a new 🌟 development.

    What religions will you create using 🌟 Religious Developments?




  • New System: Religious Tenets
    Religious Tenets
    allow you to further define your religion in addition to Commandments.
    Each offers a unique 💫 Religion Tree, smaller than those of a Commandment, with it's own special benefits, buildings and religious choices!

    We are currently adding 2 Tenets: Animism and Funeral Rites.
    ◽ Animism focusses your religion on nature worship! Confer with tree spirits and worship cats!

    ◽ Funeral Rites places an emphasis on treating your dead. Do your disciples eat the dead to lead them to the afterlife!? Sicko!



  • New System: Crystal Skulls & World Map Challenge
    Godhood will challenge you in a new way as you progress across the World Map!

    For each Sacrament, your Religion must ritually sacrifice a single 💀crystal skull.
    They are a rare and limited resource. If your Religion ever runs out, they have to win the Sacrament!
    If they lose the people lose faith, and your religion ends!

    Can you complete a campaign with as many 💀crystal skulls left as possible!?

    Where these mysterious skulls come from, none can say. Some claim they are the crystallized skulls of the first ancestors, others claim they come from slain gods, ancient trophies of divine conquest. But I'm not one to speculate...

  • New Sacrament Rules: More Tactics!

    The ancient rites of the Sacrament are forever evolving. The following new rules now apply:
    ▫ Thou shall only attack the opponent directly across from you.
    You can definitely use this rule to your advantage! Place high 🛡 Physical Defense Disciples across from that enemy 😡 Rage Prophet!
    However, if a Disciple has enough 🧠 Knowledge, they might be able to attack the most effective target, instead...!
    ▫ The two teams shall no longer act after the other.
    Instead all Disciples, on both teams, shall act based on their ⚡ Cunning stat!
    Be sure to get high ⚡ Cunning on your Disciples using debuffs, so they can get in front of the enemy's turn!

    These rules serve the make the Sacrament more fair, interesting and gives you more control over the Sacrament's outcome!

  • And lots, lots more!
    • 🗣 Expanded Recruitment Mechanics: Recruiting new Disciples has been radically expanded!
      Not only do your 💫 Religious Development improve and modify your new Disciples in many new ways, but we've also included a system for Personality & Character Traits!
    • 🏛 New Buildings: Several 💫 Religious Developments will unlock special buildings.
      Cremate your dead at the Funeral Pyre or pray to the tree spirit of the Hallowed Tree!
    • 💎 New Relics: Several 💫 Religious Developments grants special Relics.
      Have fun looking at the pictures of the Big Book of Bodily Bliss or bravely wield the Paladin Blade!
    • 💰 Economy Overhaul: We've streamlined the ways resources are spent and rebalanced the whole economy, all so you have many more meaningful choices as you expand your religion!
    • 🗺 Expanded and Overhauled World Map: Lots of new encounters now populate the expanded World Map!

What religion will you create using the new Religious Developments!?
Let us know in the comments!