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For Rutger: Exhaustion issues


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I know Rutger asked recently: Exhaustion is back on the not-quite-perfect list again :p

As you can see, Wall is showing as Exhausted despite there only being one Sacrament on this node, which I haven't done.



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This one isn't simply reproduced, so we'll have to dig a bit deeper. The exhaust should be refreshed at the end of each sacrament. That means the problem occurs at the end of the previous sacrament. Was there anything special there? Perhaps Izel was broken? Did you win or lose the previous sacrament? Anything else?


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*Tries to remember* Um. I know that that was the only time I saw it in the entire run and I had multiple Guardians throughout it, though admittedly, I didn't have that many Wall skills on them besides their automatic ones.

Not certain if it's any of these or if they're useful, but entirely possible, given the position I was in at that time:
> I may have lost the previous sacrament with Izel
> He unexhausted it again after that fight, never saw it again before or after.
> Possible it had been exhausted previously, then replaced by a Weaver's skill (or similar) before that sacrament ended, so that it regenerated post-battle as exhausted?
> Possible it was only cosmetic - didn't see him use it, but doesn't mean it wasn't in the selection.
> Fairly certain he'd used it in the previous Sacrament, and done so in the starting turn alongside his automatic one. I know this cause the only times he used it in the entire run, he did this :p (that genuinely was just chance though, he didn't do it every time)
> He definitely wasn't broken. Have you seen how frigging hard Guardians are to snuff out? And that's before you apply a bunch of baptism miracles to them. Nothing was gonna break him on Normal difficulty.

(Genuinely, at one point I had a high enough Awe that I could take him to a sacrament with a pair of wussy acolytes and let them die and he'd just sit there and take the punishment)