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From a long time fan.


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Hi, Dear Abbey Games!

I'm a long time fan of your games. I've become fascinated with Reus. Fascinated to the point I participated in community events (like fan translation to Russian). I was pretty active on older Reus forums doing bug reports and such. And I was not taking part in any online forums before this.

When you started making REIS I even left a message to one of devs (I believe it was Maarten) with my thoughts of better design of the title. And spent very satisfying hours playing it when the game was out.

I don't say this to suddenly raise my own weight. I say this to show that I love your work and am genuinely interested in your success. Sadly, I was not able to take part in Godhood Kickstarter campaign due to the near unsolvable problems with my PayPal account (don't ask which, but I'd like to know whether there's any other way to give my 25$ to you:), but I'm already in love with your new title.

I'd like you to know, that your games are like a breath of fresh air in modern industry. When large companies produce those pretty similar AAA titles, and most indie gaming consists of roguelikes of various nature, you guys definitely take your heart and soul and put them into your games. Cute art, nice humour, and innovating concepts of gameplay and settings are what makes your products shine in my opinion. If only I lived in the same country as you, I would definitely give up everything I do to apply for any position in Abbey Games to work with you. But I don't speak Dutch, sadly :( I'm very sure you're all amazing and special people cause your games speak for you. No ordinary person could make these. And I would also like you to know that you have at least one dedicated fan in me, who knows what Abbey Games means, and for whom words "a game from Abbey Games" is a mark of outstanding quality.

I love you and wish you success!
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Abbey Games Developer
Hey Alplod!

Thanks a lot for the nice words! :D We're very happy to have interested and loyal fans like you around. It's motivating to hear these things for us! After all, we're making games so other people can enjoy it. :) We'll be working hard to make Godhood as interesting as we can make it, and support it for a long time to come. Thanks for sharing this!

Fun fact: we once dabbled into hiring a Russian designer! Sadly, it was very hard for us to get it past immigration. We also speak Dutch at the office, so we don't know exactly how one non-Dutch speaker would feel in such a space. Who knows, maybe we'll try again in the future?

Best wishes!
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