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-From ashes we rise- forum game Chapter 4


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-KDM inspired
-A New Beginning-​
Once upon a time, there was a place of carved stone face. A man with a lantern lay sleeping a dreamless sleep. The man knew nothing.
One day, the man woke up. He rubbed the dried ink caked over his eye and opened them. Around him, he saw other people stirring, and beyond, a horizon of unbroken darkness.
The man with the lantern scrambled to his feet, in his hand a shard of carved stone face. He took a deep breath and roared into the darkness.
Somewhere in the place of stone faces. nameless men and women stand together. they have nothing but a need to survive and a lantern to light their struggle.

you as a group of survivors must choose the path you wish to take :
A. Children of the lantern (north)
B. Children of the sun (south)
C. Children of the forest (east)
D. Children of the skull (west)
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-We Live in the Darkness-​

Bones, Marrow and the Unknown are what lies to the west, but you would not cower. You have Accepted the Darkness frightened not by this strange land you have resolved to being part of it and thus you bow to no gods.
People of the skull do not fear the darkness and are able to venture out without a lantern to guide their way.
Arriving to a mound of skulls and bones here is where you make your village.
Until now all have been silent for no language was ever spoken, appoint a Bone Wizard to be the father of words and name him.
1. Strange
2. Pistax
also feel free to name the village
1. Mementos
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I have no idea what's going on, but what the heck. :alien:

I nominate Skeletor as the Bone Wizard, and Tibea as the village name.

All the Best,

Welsh Dragon.


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-Story of the Tyrant-
Strange ascends the monument of bones and proceeds to tell the settlements first tale depicting a terrible beast, the survivors of Mementos for the first time understand one another and choose to follow the bone wizards tale.
which tale was told?
A. tale of the White lion
B. tale of the Screaming antelope
C. tale of the Gorm
D. tale of the Spidiculus

whichever tale will be chosen is this years hunt
The settlement forms a hunting party of 4 and they set out to hunt said beast.


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I'd personally like to go after gorm. Sounds like a gross beast, and I don't like icky gross beasts.


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
I love love love the Kingdom Death Monster boardgame!

Gorm is definitely the most fun starter monster, so that's my vote.


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-We Hunt-
"All good children know to hide when they hear the signs of the knocking ghost. A rapping outside your hovel, a laugh like dried leaves blowing over ground, the shadow of a familiar face disappearing around a corner. All bad children that dare go outside when it comes around will be snapped up, never to be seen again."
The Spidicules has taken one of your villagers nominate 4 survivors to embark on the hunt.
4 names either made up or chosen Strange must stay behind as he is the village leader.

Sorry for the infrequent updates, working on my thesis leaves me little time to breath.
if people would like, i'd be happy to also play the actual game on TTS in the weekends so send me a PM.
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