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Full Moon beta & last chance for Late Backing: June 12th


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hi young gods!
A quick correction from your favorite gamedeveloping monks:
The Strawberry Moon beta update will be June 12th.
We've previously said June 19th, but please throw out your calendar and buy a new one: It's June 12th instead. As always you can expect:

In addition, one other quick announcement:
Late-backing will no longer be available after June 12th.
If you or a good friend are thinking about getting Godhood for a cheaper price which includes all the kickstarter goodies from the Kickstarter campaign, consider Late-Backing over on godhoodgame.com.

These Late-Backing options will be removed after June 12th, as we are nearing the release date of the Early Access.

We'd be incredibly appreciative if you took a moment to wishlist Godhood on the Steam Store; you'll get a notice when it launches while helping us spread the news on the platform!

Prepare yourself for Godhood Early Access July 10th, young gods! We hope the sweet delights of the Strawberry Moon June 12th will tide you over!
In the meantime, peace out and spread the good word!
- Rick

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