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Full Moon Update #1: WORM MOON


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer

The WORM MOON marks the thawing of the ground, the coming of the worms and, like clockwork, our first ever Godhood FULL MOON UPDATE.


As of this writing we have JUST put the new alpha build (lovingly called the WORM MOON build) online! If you are an alpha tester, either through the small random selection or having backed at a level of Chieftain or higher, you will be getting an e-mail inviting you to join.


Please read this post: https://community.abbeygames.com/threads/godhood-kickstarter-rewards-delivery-troubleshooting-guide.112/


We have an automated program sending out e-mails with REUS & Renowned Explorers keys constantly. Check your e-mail for the hard-earned gifts of the Social Stretch Gods!


Please read this post: https://community.abbeygames.com/threads/godhood-kickstarter-rewards-delivery-troubleshooting-guide.112/


You will have received a Kickstarter Survery with a link to the form. If you are a late backer, you will receive a link to the form through an e-mail mailed to the address used by your paypal account.



We will stream gameplay of the new alpha build tonight! 7PM CET / 11AM PT
Come join the chat over on our Twitch Channel as we check out the new features introduced in this new Alpha build!



Let's look at all the new features introduced in the WORM MOON build!


We have expanded the already implemented War & Peace Commandments in some cool ways:

  • COMMANDMENT ABILITIES: Commandments now unlock unique abilities for your disciples to use! The War Commandment will do your Rage Prophets good as it unlocks unique skills such as the Stike of Eternal War: a powerful ability that deals even more damage based on how many Ancestral abilities have already been used. The Peace Commandment gives you access to powerful morale attacks such as Life of Peace.
  • SACRAMENT DEDICATION: Each Sacramental conflict can now be dedicated to a single commandment. During that Sacrament you will gain special bonuses and restrictions. Dedicate a Sacrament to Peace to give your disciples a boost to all their morale attacks... but disallows them using any physical attacks!
  • COMMANDMENT SHRINES / TEMPLES: As previewed in the last weekly update, each Commandment now unlocks a unique upgradable Shrine to place in your Holy Site. By performing the Ritual there, your disciples can learn unique backgrounds and level up.
LUST COMMANDMENT: We have also begun implementing the Lust Commandment. Unique abilities and the shrine have been implemented, but we're not quite done creating interesting visual feedback yet... Which is all code for "no orgies yet, folks".


We've reworked how a Disciple's Faith is tracked and calculated. Disciples' Faith is very important: high Faith allows them to go above and beyond when performing Rituals or battling in the Sacrament, and low Faith might even cause them to abandon their belief in you and leave!! Here's how:

  • BONDS: Each disciple has 3 'Bonds'. While their Faith is low, an event might crop up which causes them to question their own beliefs and lose 1 Bond. When all 3 Bonds are gone, the Disciple will leave!
  • FAITH SOURCES: There's a number of ways to increase a disciples' Faith. We've re-organized the UI to clump these sources together into 4 categories: Religion bond (how a disciple feels about your religious Commandments), Personal bond (how a disciple feels you've treated them, for instance by being smitten with lightning), Achievements (gained from performing well in the Sacrament), Other sources (miscellaneous sources).


We've expanded on disciple leveling and classes in the following ways:

  • ACOLYTES: Each disciple now starts their life as an Acolyte: classless and weak. Once they gain their 2nd Level by performing in the Sacrament, however, you may select their class for them! This gives you a lot of control over your overall strategy: do you shore up shortcomings by picking a class you're lacking or pick a class based purely on your disciples' talents? Speaking of which...
  • TALENTS: In the past each disciple started with a random spread of stats. We've replaced this with the disciple Talents. Each disciple has a single Talent which gives them stat bonuses and preferences of jobs & rituals to perform. For example: a Nature's Child will prefer rituals taking place outside. Some Talents are more rare than others! These rare Talents even give your disciple unique benefits each time they level up. Treat these talented disciples with care, as they'll level up to be much more powerful than other disciples!
  • PASSIVE ABILITIES: Each time a disciple levels up they may now select one of 2 Passive Abilities. These will play a large part in the strategies your disciple can employ in the Sacrament! Take care to support powerful combos between passive and active abilities.

The passive ability Zuma receives will determine what kind of Druid she becomes!


Each day you can use Divine Inspirations to inspire disciples to perform specific Rituals. We're still figuring out exactly how we want to implement inspiring disciples, but here's where we are:

  • COLLECTIBLE INSPIRATIONS: In previous builds you'd have 1 Inspiration each day. In this build you have to collect Inspirations by going on Missions and defeating other tribes in the Sacrament. Once you run out of Inspirations, it's a good idea to find another tribe ripe for conversion. You can still only use a single Inspiration each day but when your God Level increases you can unlock the ability to perform multiple Divine Inspirations each day.
  • INSPIRATION UI: We added an extra UI that makes it more clear what the effects of the Job or Ritual the Disciple will perform will be, and how your disciple feels about the activity (see the Talents, above!).


We've added a ton of new content to Godhood! Here's some examples:
  • ANIMATIONS: Lots of new animations for villagers, disciples, and the all-new Acolyte.
  • DISCIPLE CUSTOMIZATION: Adding more hairdo's, eyes etc.
  • NEW ABILITIES: A ton of new Disciple abilities were added to the game.
  • SOUND EFFECTS: The first sound effects have been added by Yme de Jong, our awesome sound designer!
  • MUSIC: All new music for the Holy Site and Sacrament has been added!
  • RESOURCES REWORKED: We've reworked the game's resources. Spend Devotees on powerful Rituals, Offerings to upgrade Rituals and Mystica to power your God Actions.
  • GOD ACTIONS: They're incredibly work-in-progress, but the first 2 God Actions have been added to the game!

Let's wrap up.
"Wow, Rick!" I hear you say. "That sure is a lot of stuff!" And you're right! It is! But remember we're still deep in development and will be adding, balancing and refining a ton of the game still. We've started working hard for the NEXT full moon update, coming April 22nd!!



See you next week with our usual weekly update on Thursday, young gods! Remember to keep the faith and spread the good word!

- Rick