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Full Moon Update #3: Flower Moon


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
For the Hindus of times past, the Flower Moon marks a time of increasing fertility and temperatures warm enough to safely bear your young. It's no surprise that the enterprising Abbey monks put a lot of focus on the Lust Commandment for this FULL MOON UPDATE!


New beta build & housekeeping

As it did for the ancient Hindus, a Full Moon also brings a new Beta Build!
If you signed up to be an alpha/beta tester or backed at a level of Chieftain or above, you will have already received an e-mail!
We really love seeing your feedback, so if you have access consider playing the game!


We are taking a break from doing weekly updates.

Simply put we're so busy working on the game that preparing material for the weekly updates is starting to interfere with our development schedule. So expect monthly updates from now on: Wednesday nearest to the full Moon as usual.

If you have any feedback, questions or doubts, we reply to all comments, questions on our own forum or messages in the Godhood channel on the Abbey Games discord. We hope you understand!

We will stream gameplay of the new beta build tonight (17th)! 7PM CEST / 11AM PDT

Come join the chat over on our Twitch Channel as we check out the new features introduced in this new build!
There's so many new things!

Sign up to get notified when we go live!

Sign up to see when we go live!

Just as the flowers outside are blossoming, so too is Godhood. It's really coming together nicely (and smells great, to boot)! Let's take a sniff at what's new.

Godhood is now playable on Mac & Linux!
We've been testing this a bunch, but if you have access to a Mac or Linux machine and the beta; engine programmer Bas would be really curious to see you run Godhood on there!

We've overhauled the world map.
Our goal was to give players obvious goals, more clarity in making decisions about where to go and offer up exciting rewards.

Tribes on the map now provide Religion Upgrades when converted.
Some will allow your worshipers to construct new buildings, while others will increase your God HP in Sacraments.

These upgrades are tied to one of the 5 Elements (Ancestral, Life, Darkness, Divine, Nature), each of which is tied to one or more classes.
This way you can decide which tribes you'd like to convert based on your current goals.
Want to increase the power of your Rage Prophets? Take over an Ancestral tribe!

The world map has also been populated with rare religious relics!!
Any good religion needs some old trinkets to worry about and bury with their dead and all; and so does yours!

Certain tribes carry a Relic, which has a Rarity rating. Once converted, you can choose one of your Disciples to bless the new Relic!
The disciples' class' Element and the disciples' power determine what sort of exciting Relic is discovered.

There are 3 different kinds of Relics:
  • Equipable Relics can be equipped by your disciples to boost their abilities. Each Disciple can carry a single Relic.
  • Ritual Relics are attached to a Ritual in your Temple Site, which increase the Ritual's effectiveness or the Miracles which can be gained at the Ritual!
  • Religion Relics simply have a passive effect and never have to be equipped anywhere.

We've gone feature-complete on our first Commandment: Lust!
While it still definitely requires tweaking and some more details, the basic structure of the Commandment is there.
  • The Lust Priest! This Disciple, available only to Lust religions, beguiles and distracts opponents during the Sacrament. But take heed: they are only effective against opponents who feel attracted to them!
  • A unique Shrine! The Shrine of Lust is home to hot and haughty sermons which generate a special Lust resource: Ecstacy. Gain enough and you can activate...
  • -- Your unique God Power: the Festival of Lust! Inspire a Disciple to lead a great fiesta of dance, drink, and debauchery. It might even lead to your Disciple picking up a unique Miracle! ... Or an annoying itch.
Cast the God Power...

Cast the God Power...

-- And throw a pretty party!

-- And throw a pretty party!

  • Define your religion further! You can now demand human sacrifice or create a monastery!
  • Characters now speak! What they have to say is determined by your religion and their personality!
  • The Chieftain and Weaver disciples got an update and many new abilities!
  • Revamped God Visuals!
  • New buildings for your temple site!
  • Many new visual effects in the Sacrament!
  • Many new Miracles to have your Disciples perform!
  • You can now Upgrade different buildings in your temple site using the offerings resource!
  • Just a boatload more content!

Darn! Pardon me for the swear but that's just a lot of Godhood!

And we're still going strong. We will not be doing weekly updates from now on as we work hard on completing the War & Peace commandment, creating a new system for managing your roster of disciples, including gaining new ones and overhauling the main User Interface to be just beautiful.

Remember to check out the Godhood Gameplay Stream where me and Joni will take you through all the new things mentioned above and fail horribly at playing our own videogame! Hope to see you in chat!

That's it for now young gods! See you at the next full moon!

The Strawberry Moon on June 19th!

- Rick
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How can I be a beta tester? Because you said that you're looking forward for more beta testers in your podcasts a month ago i guess. So i'll be really glad to help you guys in such a great game, it looks really fun and interesting so please let me know if there is anyway I can be a beta tester.