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God actions: bugs


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Hermit pilgrimage:
The description mentions a knowledge requirement, but the skill actually works on any disciple. I like it that way, because the requirement is very difficult to meet otherwise when it matters the most (i.e. for new disciples), but it's still a bug.

Holy trial:
The judged disciple does not lose any faith. The Tribute Chests do not seem to scale properly per Fear ability unless they are rounded up - I have been receiving two chests for 3 abilities. Finally, the bonus lasts forever.


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Thanks Bart! I will be fixing that! I'll be sure to keep a balance in mind. Hermit Pilgrimage is really strong, so I do want you to make a little bit of effort for it. Boosting knowledge quickly still seems like a decent short term goal, but I'll be sure not to make it too high!

The faith from the Holy Trial was indeed broken. The Tribute Chest seems to work well... maybe you got a bonus chest from another event?