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God Levelling Bug & Disciple Levelling Suggestion


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I just "finished" a game that I started playing yesterday, by which I mean that the game crashed as soon as I reached max god level.
At least, I think it's max level. There might be one after it, I can't quite remember. It was the one which requires you to have 1050 followers. After winning a sacrament I saw the followers number racing upwards as it does, but then the game crashed just after it reached 1049, presumably at the point when the counter attempted to rise to 1050.

So that's the bug. The main reason I created this thread, though, was to mention that despite completely dominating in that game (it was only normal difficulty and I chose the Lust & Peace commandments, and never used any classes other than Songsmiths), not a single one of my disciples ever reached max level. In fact, I'm pretty sure there couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 that even managed to perform 3 miracles.

I'm not technically against making max level something that is seen rarely, but I think that if you're going to aim for that then it would be better to add additional levels (increasing the total number of miracles that can be performed) rather than just stretching out the existing ones so that it's harder to reach them. An added bonus of doing that would be that the prayer requesting that they perform a miracle would be less of a pain to deal with.

I don't really mind the increase in XP required for the first level, since it always seemed like the acolyte class was kind of pointless to me until I started playing the beta, since the disciples were promoted to a better job almost as soon as they were recruited, so I quite like that it takes 2 sacraments to get them to the next level instead of just 1, but all the other levels were better like they were before, in my opinion.


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I think part of the issue with the levelling is that the Follower time-limit on Sacraments (and the Offerings) means that you can't go getting XP everyday with those you want to hit high levels in the way you could previously, thus making their aging rather fast. Technically you might manage it using the XP job, but that's a long slog and they wouldn't be at top level for long before they died of old age.

Personally I dislike that it takes more than 1 battle for an Acolyte to level up, but agree that the later levels are just ridiculous currently.

I like the current system, just think it needs tweaking so you can A) actually get level 5 disciples and B) Have a chance to enjoy them a bit before they get decrepit.