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Godhood ascends Early Access on August 11th!


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We’re almost there, gods and goddesses!

After more than a year in Early Access, we’re proud to present Godhood as a full product on the 11th of August! Let the nectar of the gods flow on that blessed day. Together with the help of some amazing players, we’re working on bringing a blast of an update to celebrate this milestone!

Just to get a little bit excited, here are some more features we’re introducing!

Expect to finally play as a deity of Greed! Greed has traditions that rely more heavily on having materials. But fear not! Their unique class, the Charlatan, can use his cunning and knowledge to steal materials from the heretics. Classy!

Animal & Dedication Tenets
They’re back! Dogs, cats and llamas will be back to roam your city. And of course, you can declare them holy with their own tenets. Finally you can see your followers bow down to the graceful llama. Glorious.

Not only that, but the dedications also return in full glory! Select a tenet to adore a certain statue, dedicated to your splendor. Over time, your followers will place the dedications all over the city. Their happenings are also pretty strong, so be sure to pick one of them up!

Game Balance
We’re aiming to address a two common complaints. The first is that the game is too hard, especially on Easy difficulty. We introduced a few things that will make your Easy and Medium game more manageable. The tutorials are being improved by providing less text and more focus. On Easy and Medium, Disciples will also live longer, giving you more time to adapt your roster.
The second issue was that the game was too repetitive. The whole team took a good look at it, since both us and our testers had trouble finding what exactly was repetitive. In the end, we agreed on improving focus and making the economy have bigger, more exciting steps. Upgrades have been reworked completely. 5 Miracles are now unlocked from the start, giving you more choices in the early and mid game. A host of new relics have been introduced, and some are complete game changers.
More about that next time…

We’re still not through all the new stuff we have in store for you! If you want to help, join our Discord and switch over to the unstable branch. Your feedback is very valuable. Tune in next week as we get ever so close to our full release! Exciting!