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Godhood Ascension; Rising up to 1.0!


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Greetings, young Gods!

Our latest update was a great success! We've seldomly had so many people positively engaged with Godhood before! Thanks for all the feedback and support! We take this as an encouragement to make more interesting improvements to Godhood! So what can you expect from us in the coming months?

Moving to 1.0
After a (back-breaking!) year of Early Access, we're finally arriving at what we consider to be the premise and start point of Godhood. We set out to make an indirect, strategic game where you could create your own religion. Let's be fair, we had a false start in 2019. The game had little of our trademark depth and charm. The keen eye saw it was there, but needed a lot of attention. We thank you for your support and constructive criticism!

With your help, we really transformed the game. Now, we're getting close to that goal. With that, our next big update will be the 1.0 release! In that release we're going to deliver some cool things!

The Ending(s?)
In the next update of Godhood, you'll finally be able to finish your game of Godhood! What's more, is that there will be endings depending on your commandment and skill. How will your religion impact the future, once you've collected the Sun stones and ascend? Will they slowly forget you, but leave behind an impressive culture? Or maybe you'll pull a 2020, and call forth a nightmarish apocalypse.
In the next update, you'll finally find out what will happen!

You might have noticed it already, but we're getting the achievements ready to roll for our next update. We'll make sure to add a few tough ones as well, just as we did with Reus and Renowned Explorers! Of course, the multiple endings will form some achievements as well.

...And More!
There will be more! A new commandment: greed, balance changes, Quality of Life improvements, and more... But we don't want to spoil all in one message! Also, we have some more exciting plans after our 1.0 release as well. Keep tuned for more Godhood news in the near future!

You're always invited to join us on Discord too! You can talk directly to us, or discuss your religion and strategies with fellow gods! We hope to see you soon!

- Greetings from the Abbey
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