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Godhood Kickstarter Rewards Delivery - Troubleshooting Guide


Abbey Games Developer
Hi there Young Gods!

Over the past weekend, we sent out hundreds, even more than a thousand forms to all Kickstarter backers and of Godhood to get some necessary info to make the distribution of Kickstarter rewards as easy and quick as possible. We've gotten back a lot of forms already and will start sending out keys for Reus, Renowned Explorers, and the Godhood Alpha as soon as possible today (if you're reading this, we've probably already sent them out).

Most of the filled out forms looked good and should warrant a quick delivery of rewards, but we also saw some errors in our system.

If you didn't receive anything by this Wednesday, March 20th, while you think you should have, please let us know by sending an e-mail to info@abbeygames.com with your issue. But before doing so, please check this guide on what might have gone wrong in the process.


1. Use your Kickstarter/Paypal e-mail address!
To verify that you have indeed backed Godhood on Kickstarter or through late backing, we check the e-mail address that you use in the form with our database of e-mail addresses from Kickstarter and Paypal. Please make sure that you've entered the e-mail address that is tied to your Kickstarter or Paypal account in the first question of your reward form.

2. Check your Reward Tier!
Especially if you used Late Backing through Paypal, because we sent out the wrong Tier Forms to backers by mistake in the first instance (there should be an e-mail with a rectification in your inbox now!). If your form doesn't match the Tier on which you've backed according to our database, we can't send you anything, so be sure to check that before submitting your form.

3. Check your NDA (Chieftain Tier and higher only)!
To give you access to the closed alpha of Godhood we need you to sign a simple Non Disclosure Agreement that's in the form. Is this doesn't meet the requirements as laid out within the form, we can't give you access

4. Have a little patience...
Although this entire process is mostly automated, we still have to manually check if everything is going as planned and press a lot of "send" buttons, especially in the early phase of processing al these data. We'll switch to a fully automated process later this week when we trust that everything goes as planned, but even then it might take up to an hour before the system recognizes your edits and gets back to you with an e-mail with keys and other reward info.


If you checked these steps and you still didn't receive anything while you think you should have, please send us an e-mail on info@abbeygames.com and we'll try to help you out as soon as possible. We check this inbox once a day on weekdays.

Thanks again everyone for all your support on this campaign and for joining us in this exciting road towards the launch of Godhood! We hope to see you around.
From the Abbey,

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