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Great Work So Far


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I like the direction this game is going so far and appreciate all of the work the developers are doing. I would like to suggest that if a player uses Martyr during a sacrament, and they win the sacrament, that they should be awarded Happiness points for using Martyr.


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Woah, thanks for the compliment! We're trying our best to get it to that mythical 1.0, and the encouragement helps. :)

Interesting idea! I thought a bit about it, and I'm a bit afraid to create unstoppable players. The "good" players, who don't need more happiness, will get more happiness and can do much more repeatable trials. While the newer players will quickly be forced into a corner where they might feel they have to take more and more risk. As it stands, the snowball effect of martyrdom is even a bit too big, if you ask me. Thanks! You got me thinking. ;)