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Happiness balance in version 1.0x


Hi again monks,
My first few weeks with the release version have been fun, surely appreciate the changes since milestone 7, like customizing rituals and miracle buildings.

However I find myself missing the tighter balance on Happiness in milestone 7.
Not sure why you doubled all the numbers, maybe to balance later islands?
but now the game seems more about keeping happiness above 10, rather than 6-10 like before, and intermediate stages of happiness jumped over with big rewards and -2 on losses.

I think the game would be more solid if happiness was rebalanced to how it was before, when 10 happiness was very high and not so easy to have. It seems like a gimmick now, always swimming in high happiness until you do a few repeatable, even on hard. Breaks fantasy for me.

Again i don't know what you were balancing, but I much prefer the tighter older balance.

(also the tooltips on LOWER happines levels seem wrong, always saying good consequences often and bad rarely).