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Heads-up: Godhood is going Kickstarter!


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As you may have noticed, the communication channels about Godhood are starting to open up. We've shown some gameplay in a brand new trailer, a few people outside the Abbey have started testing the alpha version of the game and we're planning on showing and telling a lot more about the game on this community page a lot more in the coming weeks and months. The actual launch of the game is still pretty far away, though. And we have some major steps to take before we get there.

This time around, we don't want to take these steps all by ourselves: we want to proceed with you, the community around Abbey Games and Godhood, in particular, involved in the process! And that's why we wanted to give you a little heads-up on our next big step in making Godhood a reality, which is a Kickstarter campaign that we're planning to run approximately around February 2019!

At this time, I can't go into to much detail on what that campaign will look like, simply because we don't know yet. What we do know is that Godhood could potentially fulfill an enormous fantasy (being a god and creating your own religion is pretty big!) and that a Kickstarter - on top of the self-funded effort we've already put into the project - could help us get a little closer to reaching that potential. Or better said: yóu could help us reach that potential!

So, just a heads-up that that's coming! And in the meantime, you can of course already help us by hanging around here in the community, talking about the game and about what you think of this plan, for example. In any case, be it joining the community, alpha-testing or helping to fund the game, we'd love to have you on board in getting Godhood to a higher plane!

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Thanks all! We're looking forward to showing more as soon as we can! ^^