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Here's what YOU can do to help make the Godhood Kickstarter a success!


Abbey Games Developer
If you're here you most probably know our new game Godhood is being Kickstarted right now. We're making something very special and we want to work on it for years to come. In order to do that it's very important that we reach as many people as possible with this campaign. If you're looking for ways to help us out other than pledging your support in the Kickstarter, then this thread is for you. First of all a big thank you for your interest and willingness to help! While backing the project itself is the strongest support you can give us, there are other things you can do to help Godhood become a success.

Whether you backed or not, please consider doing the following:
  1. Retweet our main Kickstarter tweet, and optionally retweet Kickstarter updates and such.
    Our Kickstarter Tweet

  2. Like & Share our Kickstarter video on YouTube.
    Kickstarter video on YT

  3. We believe more in word-of-mouth than anything else. If you have any friends that you think may appreciate the idea of Godhood, it would be great if you could ask them directly to check out our Kickstarter page.
    You can share this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/abbeygames/godhood

  4. Read and share cool articles on Godhood and its campaign.
    1. PCGamer on Twitter or on Reddit
    2. Eurogamer on Twitter or Reddit
    3. Might add more later, let me know if you find any cool ones.
If you want to support the game or Abbey Games beyond the Kickstarter, or simply want more info. You can do the following:
  1. Wishlist the game on Steam.
    This one is big for us, because gathering momentum on launch day is more important than ever on Steam.
    Godhood Steam Page

  2. Subscribe to our newsletter.
    This way you'll know when the game launches, or other important updates happen.
    Subscribe here

  3. Get on our Discord.
    This is where a lot of our fans hang out, and where we regularly listen in and talk about our projects.
    Abbey Games Discord

  4. Check back on these forums to read Inside Godhood.
    Inside Godhood #06

  5. Subscribe to the Abbey Games Subreddit.
As the Kickstarter campaign progresses there might be more opportunities to help out. We'll post them right here, so please check back later.


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Helping out beyond the Kickstarter, as Manuel puts it, is now also helping the rewards for Kickstarter backers become more valuable. By retweeting our Kickstarter Tweet, liking the Kickstarter video on YouTube and by joining the Abbey Games subreddit you can now pray to the Social Stretch Gods and ask them for rewards like free copies of Reus and Renowned Explorers for all €20,- + backers of the Godhood Kickstarter. You can read about it right here.


Abbey Games Developer
An update on those Social Stretch Gods mentioned in my previous response is in order, since you folks have been at it (thanks!)!. These are the current goals to aim for:

250 retweets on this Tweet
200 subs on this Subreddit
10.000 views on this YouTube video

Go into the worldwide web and spread the good word :)