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Impossible after religion update


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So I'm trying to do Ambitious Impossible, going War, and after 20 attempts I have yet to defeat the second sacrement before running out of skulls. I've tried every strategy I can think of, but it feels like this is simply, and literally, impossible. 25 awe vs 60 awe, half the time the second sacrament is a loss in the first round, if not it's a loss on the first action of the 2nd.

Oddly enough I was able to luck my way past this fight the first time I did it while making a video, with 2 awe remaining, but now that I took the time to understand the game better I feel I'm either missing something completely or there just isn't any viable strategy that will work?


Abbey Games Developer
It's called impossible, right? :D But you're right, that's a bit absurd. We've adjusted some of the difficulty settings for impossible a bit, should be patched soon :)