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Impossible Attempts


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The Old City is... well, impossible!

The game was way too easy while playing Classic difficulty. However, the game takes a sadistic turn when you ramp it up to Impossible difficulty. I have tried five times and hardly been able to complete a 9-Sacrament. I tried Peace and War twice each, and all four times got put in a shallow grave.
Two runs I tried to simply be efficient and upgrade my buildings for best output. I struggled to perform miracles and my disciples were quickly out-scaled.
On one run I attempted to focus people so that I could have more disciples available. I quickly ran out of materials and floundered.
On one of the runs I attempted to 'work-phase' two extra times then expect to lose the sacrament with 'b-team', hoping to then ace the fight in the next enthusiastic sacrament with my 'a-team.' This showed promise, but was punishing on my groups' faith. Miracles and Study are worthless without Good or better. I was caught by surprise when the tooltip said I would lose 5 God-HP of my 10 remaining, then loss resulted in Game Over.

My most recent attempt was simple. I was crushing sacraments left and right. Until the Old City... I managed to own the whole island on Impossible difficulty!! However, the power spike that is the 'Stubborn Elders' was simply too much. And without any other villages to grow from, I was forced to bash my head against the walls of the Old City for five consecutive hopeless fights. On my fifth attempt I lost 18 to 24, almost claiming the island.
So my secret was Purity. My first three disciples were Ascetic, Songweaver, and Guardian. Wash and Wall provide hp heals that are boosted 25%. Wash and Song of Praise provide Awe Points that are boosted 25%. The 50 ritual one-time miracle provides additional boosts to healing. I claimed a Rabbit totem as a disciple for extra material gains. Then farmed the lesser totems for resources. If you send an acolyte to Study for two rounds then choose a class, they can then be sold when their faith drops below good, for ~25 materials and ~10 ritual. The few problems I encountered were from Rage Prophets (Ancestral > Life) and full nature teams (Nature > Divine), but I never lost more than one in a row.
The Old City held a 15 power Chieftain that repeated dominated me. If I depended on my Guardian, the Weaver would daze him; if I depended on my Ascetic then the Druid would put him in the ground; if I tried exchanging either the Ascetic or Guardian, then my Songweaver would die in a single enemy volley. My final attempt was two Songweavers and a Smitesword, but it was a hail-mary and my faith was obliterated by then, even being successful I never would have won the next fight.

Is anyone else playing impossible difficulty? Have any tips, tricks or ideas?


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I beat the Old City, but the islands past that were a different matter. There's two parts to it: resource acquisition and sacrament success.

Acquisition is all about getting the materials flowing in early enough. You can do pretty well just farming them and intentionally losing the second sacrament on one of the 2-sacrament spots by the Old City to get your city up and running. However, you're on the timer for your God HP running out, so it's limited how much you can abuse this, so if you just abandon the second secrament instead (despite the lower exp gains) you can use it to generate infinite resources with the only remaining issue being faith of disciples.

Simple to solution to that's just to junk them as they grow dissatisfied to avoid any problems, you just have to balance how fast you do so so you don't run out and have to take the hits for running out of happy disciples.

Then there's the sacraments: Element manipulation's huge for it: whatever their main damage source is, either take it out before it can do anything or have the elements that're strong against it. In general, boost defences with tavern miracles on your disciples - most important is being able to tank stuff, and like you said, early on sacraments aren't too hard, just got to prep for later.

That means that the only tough bit's timing it right - once you're prepared, you just need enough resources and exp (while remaining faithful) to farm up a high level batch of disciples - meaning you need to have not done too many sacraments. The balance varies according to your team composition and how much you need to fight to keep their faith up.

Then there's picking the right second island - one will be good for you, one bad, according to your team composition - physical or mental and element based, etc. Good luck ;)


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I have also beaten the Old City with the Lust religion by
- privileging miracles increasing Charisma
- assigning my Prophet disciple to the Study as much as possible to fully level him up beforehand
- bringing along a junior disciple whose class triggers the Prophet's passive reaction ability to the Old City sacrament
- exploiting the upper-tier Prophet passive ability that performs Alluring Body if there is an Aggressive adversary during the Old City sacrament

Doing these things actually made the Old City a cakewalk in my most recent run. But like Blackvision, I couldn't make much headway on the other islands, and like MasterMeus, I haven't had much success with Peace and War. As of the new update, the 3rd sacrament is especially difficult with Madness because the adversary Dark disciple punishes Clouded Thoughts which are bound to happen if you bring along 1 Cultist.