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Impressions after my first game


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Previous knowledge. I only watched some very old footage way back (around kickstarter times) and recently 45 mins of the livestream on the milestone. So a really new player for this game. Have played strategy games for 30+ years though.

Result: I failed to overcome the elders on the first island. Did suffer 1 defeat along the way, won all other sacraments. No way I could put together a party to defeat those elders though, despite the game telling me I had good odds. Played on classic, which it was on by default. Might have been a mistake to attempt that. 😅 Maybe force / advice a new player to a lower difficulty?

Predictions seem to be really unreliable. Why does it not take the Awe bar in account? Seems important.

A defeat is really painful, like almost not worth anything. The temptation to just reload is strong.
We learn the most from our mistakes right? Maybe hand out some underhanded / evil / tricky skills on a lost sacrament? Nature: Torn strike - Life: Overgrowth.

It feels like I have few options. What I mean is I am steered towards certain options since I’ve few options available. The game sort of auto plays itself in that way. (Don’t mean the sacraments)

I could do with a civilopedia like function that give you an overlook of the basic gameplay like the tutorial hands out. Quite a lot is unclear with little to no way to figure it out.

All my disciples have Miracle points, but I can’t do the miracles quickly enough or pay for the needed resources. Feels like I’m wasting miracle power.
Can we not do a basic free miracle in the village blocks that gives you some bonus material, relics or followers or so.

On the sacrament: I had no idea I could pause it with the spacebar and see the stats and effects. That is actually really handy info. I know it states is in the right hand corner now, but popup for it on first sacrament would be nice, maybe I clicked past it?

Ability points, I’m playing with all basic abilities on my disciples (First island). I don’t know how to get ability points. Sacraments feel very bland, I have hardly to no influence. Even matching up elements to make use of the strong vs doesn’t seem to change much.

Overall thought: So far I have a hard time finding my place in the game. The music is nice and it's relaxing to play, but little to no input options makes it feel like watching a clockwork universe instead of being an active god, meddling in the affairs of mere mortals. I feel weak.


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Thanks for your feedback! I would definitely recommend setting the game to normal if you're having trouble (I know I can only finish the game on normal usually). We have some issues with basically having 'bad luck' with getting your starting disciples, so it could be a case of that. It's definitely possible to beat those elders though, and since that first island is really meant as a tutorial island, the game opens up quite a bit after that :)

Good luck!


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I'm not giving up for sure! Still it is very clear that being a love goddess is not in the cards for me. 😜 Another run will happen. I just have to find the time for it.

I know it was the tutorial island, which is why I was a bit puzzled that I didn't manage to complete it. :whistle: Still learned things in the first run, that will be of use in the second run. That and toning down the difficulty will hopefully go a long way.