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Initial impressions


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As a first time player, I wanted to post my initial impressions on playing.

The Bad:
The God creation screen is extremely un-epic, where it should be EPIC. It's mostly a collection of textboxes and an image on the top. Polish it, it's the first impression of the game!
Sacraments (i.e. COMBAT?) is unexplained, making it totally dense. Not that it matters, because it's not clear how you affect it all that much other than leveling up. I'm certain that's not the case... But it feels that way as a first time player. Also, even though I am a chaste religion, it looks like I'm just performing melee attacks. This is a strange departure from RE:IS, where you might insult, etc.
It's unclear what a turn should "look" like. I guess? Should I be doing sacrament, sacrament, sacrament, miracles, ritual everyone left? How many sacraments can you do? Why do people go to "recovering"? What is going on? Why is beating people up called a sacrament anyways? That's a terrible name. Why not "conversion"?

The Good:
City growth, follower growth *feels* good.
Growing your people feels good as well.
Having the many classes is cool. Maybe hard to understand the pokemon like circle of weakness and strength.


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Thanks for the feedback! We're definitely looking into... well, most of these 😄 We're just a small team though, so bear with us!


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Further thoughts on more play time (just got off the very first island):
1) It's unclear that world actions (i.e. sacraments) end your turn. It's also unclear that you *should* be doing your three inspirations and then executing a sacrament every turn to maximize your gains. (Side note: currently playing as Crocobros, the croc who is a bro. We worship those gains.) A couple of options: make the next turn button take you into the external world. You can skip from there. OR disable the external world action until three inspirations are performed. Seems like there's no reason not to?

2) When choosing a miracle to perform it would be good to get the info on what the miracle gives you there. It gets difficult to remember all the bonuses you've given building X. It would also be good to see more info on your disciples class there as well to remind you: "oh, this executioner should get some might now."

3) Having only three inspirations feels really limiting when you have 6 disciples. Especially when the buildings all stare at you with their three slots for disciples EACH. Why not make the +10 faith 1-2 followers inspiration the default action (when nothing is given). It doesn't feel all that powerful as most of its effects are temporary and it feels like a "rest" action.

4) What's with Mr. You Can't Convert Me on the south of the first island?

5) Other actions on the external world other than sacrament battles would be cool and a good way to add story.

Anyways, love what I'm seeing so far. Will definitely bear with you guys. I've been a fan of Abbey Games for a long time now, and this looks very promising!


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Would add for 2: something to tell you of the wondrous or bad effect possibilities on miracles would be good too.

And as for 4), it definitely actually needs to be clear in the game itself, but there's 3 nodes on the map that are repeatable as experience farms (by design).