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Inside Godhood 01: Creating Your Religion


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer

In Inside Godhood, we’ll take a deep dive in our upcoming god game: Godhood.
One of the Abbey Games monks will walk you through some of the great things you’re going to be doing in Godhood.

This time Rick, art & design monk, will talk a little bit about creating your religion.


Hi young gods, Rick here!

A big part of being a God in Godhood is creating your very own religion:
set moral guidelines for your worshippers, design their rituals and decide what is a virtue... or a vice.

Be a war god and show that power through violence is the greatest virtue!
Be honored through duels and blood sacrifice!
Or teach the purity of chastity and cleanliness.
Have your worshippers bathe in holy water and cleanse lustful sinners!
War and Chastity are examples of God Commandments: special moral guidelines you can set as you gain power.
Your God’s power is shown in their God Level, which you can increase by gaining more Worshippers (more on that later!).

At milestone God Levels your worshippers will look to you to dictate what is most important in life.
You then get to pick a single God Commandment from a big list to set an important focus of your religion: a new truth that your worshippers will live by.

Each God Commandment has a natural moral opposite.
Selecting the Peace Commandment, for example, condemns the War Commandment, and vice versa.
Any God worth their (blessed) salt knows a religion requires clear moral codes. As such, it is impossible to select both morally opposite God Commandments in a single playthrough.
You’ll be able to experiment with many new combinations of Commandments in your next game, however!
Gaining a new God Commandment will do a number of things.

For one, your Disciples, the most powerful of your worshippers, might develop new Virtue Traits to match the God Commandment.
Selecting the Greed Commandment might make one of your Disciples incredibly Selfish, causing them to get into arguments with other worshippers.

Some of your Disciples might also develop a Vice Trait: these sinners believe the Commandment to be wrong!
In the above Greed example, this means a Disciple might become Charitable (how awful!).
You’ll have to deal with their charitable nature until you or another Disciple make them see how very wrong they’ve been. One way or another.

Unique God Actions will also become available to use on your unsuspecting flock.
The War Commandment, for instance, allows you to organize them into holy raids on other tribes to steal valuable loot.
You will also be able to inspire worshippers to construct special buildings and rituals: the War Commandment’s Colosseum allows your Disciples to train to become powerful warriors.
There’s many other ways to create and express your religion! There’s Tenets, which allow for more detailed influence over how worshippers express your God Commandments, Rituals your Disciples can enact to gain powerful benefits, which can be customized using your God’s Sacred Symbols, and much more!



That’s it for now!
What God Commandments are you excited to use in crafting your very own great (and possibly really quite terrible) religion in Godhood?
Definitely War over Peace, right? Or perhaps something not mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!

Have you seen the gameplay trailer yet? Check it on our Youtube Channel, or up on the Steam page, which also has a bunch more screenshots.
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Got questions?
If you have any questions or insights in Your Religion or next time's topic, Your Disciples, let us know in the comments!
We'll do our best to answer them in a reply or the next Inside Godhood.

Next Inside Godhood, Friday December 21st, we’ll talk about…


The most important and powerful of your worshippers: the Disciples!



New member
My first commandment shall be: Every time the clock hits 4:20 PM, all my worshipers must smoke weed and perform a dab at my alter. It shall be the Dank Commandment.


New member
Really hyped for all the possible combinations of the God Commandments. Just wondering how many there will be and if they all provide a unique gameplay


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Really hyped for all the possible combinations of the God Commandments. Just wondering how many there will be and if they all provide a unique gameplay
Hi Shylock! The amount of available God Commandments is still in a state of flux during development, but the short answer is: as many as possible! Our success in the Kickstarter might affect this number as well ;). And yes! Each Commandment will offer a package of unique gameplay content, such as unique God Actions (like the War Commandment's holy raid), special Rituals for your Disciples, Virtue & Vice Traits and more!

Can you also encourage the vice and make it the dominant part in your religion :3?
Like AbbeyAdriaan suggested, selecting the God Commandment will make it a virtuous ideal of your religion (while condemning it's moral opposite).
This means you could pick any Commandment you'd like. Tell your flock that "greed is good"!