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Inside Godhood 03: The Sacrament


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer

In Inside Godhood, we’ll take a deep dive in our upcoming god game: Godhood.
One of the Abbey Games monks will walk you through some of the great things you’re going to be doing in Godhood.

We've gone over Your Disciples and Creating Your Religion already.
This time we'll talk more about the Sacrament.


Hi young Gods! It's Rick again.

The world of Godhood is one filled with diverse tribes that worship many different deities, of which you are but one.
In order for you to raise your God Level you'll need to convert these tribes to worship you instead.
In the mythical world of Godhood this happens through the ritual conflicts known as Sacrements.

In the Sacrament, the two clashing Gods are represented by a team of 3 Disciples.
The teams take turns using Abilities to either support teammembers or attack the enemy using physical force, intimidation or wise words.
Doing physical or spiritual damage not only cripples enemy Disciples, it also lowers the enemy team's Conviction. Reducing it to 0 means victory.


UI & Art in progress

As your Disciples have minds of their own, you have no direct control over their actions during the Sacrament.
Each Disciples has a Mind consisting of several slots, which are filled with different Abilities.
When they train and level up it is up to you to decide which new Abilities to slot into their Mind slots, and which Abilities to replace.
This allows you to decide which options they have during conflicts, but you'll have to trust your intrepid little flock to best employ them.

Disciples choosing which Abilities they'll use

In order to ensure my triumph I gave Marala the Rage Prophet the Rage Ability.
After using it all her physical attacks become much more powerful, which will benefit her Strike: a simple but powerful physical attack.
However, since Raging causes her to drop her guard I'll have to make sure my other Disciples can provide her with buffs or protection.

Huani shields Marala from harm

The best Gods know that a Disciple's feelings also factor in the Sacrement.
An exhausted Disciple might just choose to take a nap instead of attack, while a frustrated Weaver prefers a slap-fest over spellcasting.

To make them as effective as can be, your Disciples could also really use some of your divine inspiration.
Before each Sacrament, you can select one of their learned abilities as the Inspired Ability.
The Disciple will attempt to use this Ability more often than others during the coming Sacrament.

The higher the Faith of the Disciple, the more effective this inspiration is!

Huani is very convinced of the Miracle of Bloom, whatever that is


That’s it for right now!
Will your Disciples prove your eminence through brute force or clever tactics?
Or will your Disciple hit-squad sway their opponents through song and eulogy? Let us know in the comments!

The latest gameplay trailer can be found over on our Youtube Channel, or up on the Steam page, which also has a bunch more screenshots.
Wishlisting the game would help us a ton. :) And if you'd like to keep up to date on Godhood, consider joining our mailing list.

Got questions?
If you have any questions or insights in The Sacrament or next time's topic, Your Rituals, let us know in the comments!
We'll do our best to answer them in a reply or the next Inside Godhood.


Next Inside Godhood, Friday January 11th, we’ll talk about…

Disciples improve themselves by honoring you! How convenient!


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