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Kickstarter Preview


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
The kickstarter preview is live! Take a look!


Hi everybody!

This is an exciting time for us (and we hope for you, too). The Godhood Kickstarter will be launching very shortly!
In order to make sure we get it right, we'd really like it if you could take a look at the Kickstarter preview and give us your honest feedback.
That way we can make sure we get it right when we really get going.

If you'd like to make sure you can be the first to grab one of the limited rewards or an early bird pledge, be sure to press the Remind Me button, and you'll get a heads up when we go live. Also, it would be a huge help for us if you share the preview with friends and gamers you think will be interested in the game!

A heads up: some things are still missing in the preview version.
The biggest of those are a proper kickstarter video and a section explaining what moment to moment gameplay will look like.

Thanks, and see you at the Kickstarter launch stream!