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Lackluster victory


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So I bought this game of GOG 25th of October, I'm now at ~12 hours (11 hours and 55 minutes) of playing the game 2 days later. It took me a while to get a grip on the game mechanics, which was a fun challenge to get into. I played all the available starting religions and failed with all of them before I finally made it trough and pulled out a victory!

For all the fun effort and time I put in, the victory screen felt underwhelming. At first I didn't even know what was going on, I was clicking trough alerts and then the summary screen opened and to be honest I thought I lost. The win and loose interaction feels the same, which honestly shouldn't be the case and I wonder, Is it intended?

There's also no reward for winning. I just went trough an epic journey with ups and downs, got unique items, developed heroes, built my religion with edicts to support my clan. And all I have left of it are memories, but nothing to look back on but a save of the final fight I could replay.

To make the victory stand out more I'd like to suggest 2 additions:
1. Animate victories and defeat. Something like the whole clan getting together and celebrating/mourning the victory/defeat with burning firework/candles or something, transitioning into the classic Victory/Defeat end title before moving on to the summary.
2. A victory banner, with a hall of fame. The victory banner would feature the dificulty you played at, your god portrait, your admirers and your religion. The hall of fame would be accessible from the menu and would open up a tabular display with all the victory banners you have. Clicking on the banner would open up the end screen you get after the win for more details about the win itself.

Having a lot of fun playing the game, but I feel the end screen is lackluster/underwhelming and could be improved.


Abbey Games Developer
We agree! The next big update should hopefully have a better feel for tension release during a playthrough as we revamp how the world map works :)