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Lust OP/Under-powered


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With the changes to Lust (and the 10% chance on morale attacks actually being 100%!), lust is a tad OP. (I'm under-exaggerating, Rutger, in case you're wondering) :p

Downside is, if it's changed to only a 10% chance, it's actually pathetic - even spamming morale AoEs, it's still unlikely to hit even 1 disciple in one round. On average (for non AoErs, you're looking at 3 rounds to get one enemy disciple with it, and while the defence drop is huge, that's A) kinda late, and B) the 1/5 skill block is meh. Classes that specialist in shutting enemies down can lock out a lot more a lot faster with a large degree of certainty.

Even with 3 AoE spammers, it's still averaged to 1 enemy disciple by the end of the second round and a second on the third. You might get lucky and get several, but it's extremely unlikely.

Then there's the fact is doesn't stack. That's fine for the defences - the drop is significant, but it means you might as well not have the skill shut-down, it's pointless. I'd rather have a higher defence drop and ignore the shutdown entirely.

Just saying it feels like you need to make up your minds what you want it doing. It's a messy skill currently.

Then there's the Lust Priest. Currently OP, but once that 10% actually becomes a 10% chance, the only way you'll get any kind of bonus damage out of them is with 2 Songsmiths alongside, making Lust extremely niche. A much better secondary commandment than it was before, but then you wouldn't want any Lust Priests anyway.
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