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Lust priest skill bug

There's a possibility this is just a UI issue that's preventing me from seeing the appropriate info, but I think this is an actual bug.
Sometimes the enemy takes 0 damage and says they aren't attracted to the priest even when the preparation screen says they should be. I've even seen with the AoE ability where all three enemies say they aren't attracted, even though the prep screen shows the various enemies as being attracted to different genders. I think I have only seen this in cases where the priest has the perk where they will sometimes do an AoE before the fight starts and they use it. Not 100% sure of that, though.


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I think it's a bug with the AoE not correctly checking all 3 enemy attractions. Hopefully can be fixed soon.


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Thanks for the report, BouqetofFlowers! I've added it to our fix-list and we'll look into it as soon as possible.