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Milestone #1: Preview Beta 0.14.2


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Good points! Yes, the goal is to be well into using your Green Disciples before your first purple appears. I would like to balance it somewhat like Item progression in RPG's. Good one in pointing out the XP cap as well, I will try to solve that asap.

The goal would be to have a roster of 6-7 Disciples, with a few elites, a few up-and-coming talents, and you having enough reason to switch around.


If you want 6-7 to be a viable number of disciples, I think you'll really have to lower the faith decay rate. I've seen it decay as fast as 8 per turn (probably because each buff gets independently lowered by 1, so a disciple who has been used in a lot of sacraments decays faster... leading to having to use them again to keep their spirits high) and that makes it hard to keep everyone happy even with 5 disciples. It happens relatively often that someone is "neutral" so I bring them to the next sacrament, they get "happy" at the end of it and are back to neutral the next turn.
I know you probably don't want to make "faith management" too easy either but right now the best way to manage it is really to limit the amount of disciples you have, and to fire anyone who drops too fast if they have a common totem because it's not worth spending offerings to bring them back up when their life expectancy is so short anyway.

In addition, worshipper support seems quite low in the beta version. (And very high on the Live build after a few levels) I think I could only sustain 3 Greens and 3 commons at max when I completed the game last time, so a roster of even 5 Green disciples sounds pretty unrealistic.


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So I did play on the beta branch this time.

Even more stuff, nice! I like the changes in comparison to the public branch. The development right at the start was exactly what I meant in my last review. It shows you that, boy, there are gonna be a lot of options here. The tree looked a bit unpolished, confusing and overwhelming though. Also I had a bit of a spoiler-feeling. The entire tree was shown at the very start of the game; with all the details available. I'm not sure if im a fan of that. Maybe make them discoverable so you can be curious about what your choice will bring next? Just a grey square or something to show you that there is more.. but what? Do other people agree with me on this?

For now the developments did mainly feel like a stats adjuster. I'm not sure if they give me visual feedback yet. Maybe the villagers will talk about other subjects? 1 playsession was definitely not enough to notice these changes if they are there. Obviously it was visible with the 'dog' tenet! This is the stuff that I enjoy. I got to choose a direction and after I earned the tenet, I got to see my village change. So the conclusion on the developments would be that I absolutely like the amount of choice that I got and it feels very very elaborate, especially for a system that comes out of nowhere (for us players, at least ;) ). IF there is visual feedback on every choice (different buildings, behaviors, etc.) then I am pleased. If not, than that would be my main point. Give me some change to the village(rs) if I earn a new development. I only got to one tenet, so if all tenets have visual feedback, then take this part with a korrel zout.

As a not-so-tactical player, this build was way more clear and structured. In comparison to the public built, I felt much more in control of the direction of my disciples and strengths. I felt like what I tried to do, matched with the result mostly. This can also be explained by the fact that this is my second session in a short time.. not entirely sure. Healing taking 2 turns was annoying. If healing in 1 turn is OP, I would like to get half of the HP in 1 turn. It did make the decisions more difficult, so some people might enjoy the difficulty of healing taking 2 turns. I felt it was mostly impractical. Miracles taking 2 turns felt right.

The attacks of peace are all cool concepts; but they are not that exciting to see. Every attack is the exact same animation and has a whip-cracking sound. I think it would be so much cooler if, for example, 'Convert' has some cultish monk-babbling sound effect and a matching animation. If I can ask for even more, also get a different hit-animation if a opponent is hit with 'Convert'. The sacraments are the only point in the game where a player is not able to do anything BUT watch their characters do their thing. I was kind of surprised that this didn't get as much as attention. It looked like all physical attacks did have somewhat unique attacks, tho; so I'm not sure if this is a peace-only thing or a non-physical thing.

One of my disciples died of old age. I already said before I enjoy this mechanic. It felt a little bit underwhelming, since it was just a popup and they were gone. It would be cool to see something happen at that point. It can be a funeral sequence, or just a generic graveyard that gets a massive thomb added, or maybe a statue. I think a lot of cool things are possible here.

Pacing of the game feels a little bit high. I think that is a good thing, but at some point you start feeling like you're rushing from sacrament to sacrament. It keeps you entertained but I would love to have more stuff to do in the village too. The village part is VERY much improved, but for me the more the better. This still is by far my favorite part of the game, so if I get to do more stuff that (that feels important), the better.

I'm still missing direct god-actions. That feels like something that most people would expect Godhood to have. Obviously indirect control is the main point of Godhood, but it would be nice to bless the villagers or punish them via pseudo-direct actions. This can be very mighty things of course, like thunder; floods; food spawning. But I think very little things make the game feel more alive too; like these Pocket God-esque things as clicking around very fast and having the villagers cough because of all the sand that blows up. Or just clicking a villager and have him react (get tickled, fall over, etc.).

I guess a lot of things I mention are a truckload of work that I vastly underestimate; but these are the things that I personally miss in this game.

In conclusion:
- The game is, again, very much improved and is entertaining!
- The developments and tenets are the most important update to the game since the very first alpha/beta I played
- More visual feedback to developments!
- More interesting non-physical attacks, both in sound and in animation
- Pacing felt a bit exhausting after I got to the end of the first island / start of second island (this is where I stopped).
- The town is fun, and the more content there, the better!

Keep up the good work, this is very much going in the right direction! The EA release feels like a different game now.


Do other people agree with me on this?
Personally I prefer having as much information as possible when I'm playing a strategy game (which Godhood still is at its core), so no I wouldn't really like it if the next tiers were greyed out because I like being able to plan my build. If anything I'd like more information in tooltips in general, because there are some abilities that are really not explicit in-game. (e.g. the Beastwalker passive choice of evasion and "+10 kill chance" or something like that, I have zero idea what the second one does so I just always pick the evasion)


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Hey there Young Gods!

Rick is away on a well deserved holiday, so I'm filling in for a bit :)

One of our big goals during Early Access is to make the religions you create feel more unique. While the full release of the next milestone is still some weeks away, we'd like to give you all an opportunity to get a first sniff at the direction we're taking with this first Milestone update.

The big feature of this Milestone is Developments. These are ideological choices you can make about about what values your religion promotes (or forbids!) within each Commandment. Every Commandment will have a bunch of unique choices and directions that you can work through by gathering more Followers. Every Development you complete will grant you a gameplay bonus, as well as some flavor to make your religion more unique.

Limitations of the current beta:
  • Only Peace and Lust are available at the moment
  • We don't have the content at the moment to support a full playthrough, so you might get stuck somewhere after the first island
Some questions to ask yourself while playing this beta:
  • What kind of god do you want to be? Does the game let you do that? What topics do you think are missing?
  • Regroupement de prêt immobilier ?
  • Does picking a new Development feel interesting? Do you look forward to it?
  • Were there any specific Developments or Commandments that felt more or less interesting than the rest? Why?
Things we don't need feedback on at the moment:
  • Balance is mostly the same as the current live version outside of Developments and God Levels, so there might be some unbalanced stuff going on.
  • Existing game mechanics outside of Developments. We are very aware of existing flaws in those mechanics, and we'll be integrating some of those changes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned :)
  • This is not a QA beta: we're mostly interested in what you think about the new mechanic. We're very aware of all the small little loose bits, bugs and typos!
Some tips for playing:
  • Challenge yourself! The game balance is a tad on the easy side, so you'll have a lot more fun if you try to get to the end while doing as little nodes as possible. We are currently working on a more systemic change to bring this challenge out :)
  • Try to look for synergies between the effects of the Developments and your regular strategies
  • Depending on how fast you play, expect roughly an 30 minutes to an hour of content
This beta will run for a few weeks until the release of the full update, and will likely be updated a few times with iterations on the design of the Developments system and fixes for mechanics other than Developments. To access the beta, please go to either Steam or GOG Galaxy, to the 'betas' tab, and use the password 'ImHereToHelp'.

Let us know what you think!
Hi, I have a little problem, when I type the password 'ImHereToHelp
there is always an error i don't know why