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Miracle Structure Tooltip


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I like that every miracle is different, but some extra information would be appreciated.

The Market refunds some ritual resource if executed well. This is fantastic, but you'll never know unless you try.

The Tavern only takes a single night to perform the 'ritual.' It has become one of my favorites. Again it would have been nice to know before I built it.

I think some allow for two simultaneous rituals, while most are only one slot. I don't have any notes at the moment.

Lastly, even the 'single attribute' structures can be upgraded to provide +1 of a secondary attribute. For example, the Herder is Health 'only' but can be upgraded to provide a single devotion. A heads up would be nice.

Extra information is not necessary, especially if you are trying to encourage experimentation. Though, if you are trying to save materials but react to the disciple totems that were randomly presented, then it can be frustrating to 'misremember' what a ritual does.