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Misc. Holy Site gameplay bugs/improvements


This is a list of various bugs/ quality of life improvements when managing the holy site, that I feel should be addressed for smoother gameplay. (After latest patch)

1. If both days/actions passed but unused dream points, the quick click to check upcoming mission details doesn't work.
Very annoying after Night Shrine is built, and you want to check mission for selecting dreams. Priority bug!

Edit 1.1: Also don't make selecting Destined Mission mandatory right after a sacrament?
Having a prompt is good, but often you want to first look at your disciples, check for miracles, fervor etc, before assigning mission.
I ended up loading the Autosave a few times because of this.

2. Cannot unlock new classes when acolyte has miracle ready, game forces to pick a class at the sacrament screen.
Materials gained from sacrament are added AFTER, which could be used to unlock new classes in early game (when mats are low). Ideally, do not force class choice at sacrament screen.

Edit: 2.1: Cannot cancel ritual, except in sacrament screen. Make it possible to cancel rituals earlier?

3. Elder status for disciples at age exactly 65 (and 66?) is bugged.
They are classified as Elder, but mouseover says Prime disciple 10% extra damage. Final pilgrimage does not work.

4. Bless disciple icon disappears when any disciple has no ritual specified. This is meant to be helpful, but can become confusing because it looks exactly as if both days/actions are finished (you dont check day/action bars every time, in the flow of management). I have wasted Ritual Progress offerings only to realize a day/action is still left.
Ideally, do not remove Bless icon, it is a good visual indicator. There is already an error message if bless icon is clicked and a ritual is not specified (can happen when new disciples are recruited).

5. Traditions and actions which count number of skills for bonuses always count +/++ as multiples, but this is not specified in description (only mentioned for Cult of Silence).

6. Disciple Style is a little undercooked. You end up choosing based on totem, but the style is complete luck. Too much RNG, punishes good planning.
Ideally have 2 options of style AFTER recruiting disciple? Or better after selecting class?

7. I felt too much RNG also in island choice bonuses, especially the class type buffs. Again punishes planning. You can have a roster you like, but the buff options do not apply to your classes, or dont synergize with island enemy types.
Maybe have bonus for 2 random types, instead of 1? Islands with (rare) relics seem to be synergized with that island's enemy types, i found it good, maybe have a similar synergy with island type buffs?

Thanks for an overall interesting game!
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