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Moving towards Ascension: Update #6 Sneak-Peek


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Dear religious leaders,
I bring you more good news: Godhood is moving full speed towards its ascension out of Early Access! As promised in our roadmap, we still had a few things we wanted to see improved. Today I bring you a little peek into our 3 major features for the upcoming update, aimed in improving those points. let's pray for skill and diligence to make it work!

The 3 major features are:
  1. Tenet Rework: Much more mixing and matching of more thematic religious dogmas.
  2. Consequences: the people of your religion will react to your tenets!
  3. Inspirations & Repeating Rituals: Disciples will have their own ideas of what to do in the Holy City. Guide their choices!

They will be accompanied by more changes, small and big.

These will, again, bring massive changes in the way you play the game. Our goal is to make the game more replayable, more religious, more tactical, more strategical, and bring you more surprises.

Let's dive into one!

From now on, your actions will matter more for your followers. Keep them happy, and they will do things that are in harmony with your religious choices. Disappoint them, and they might lose faith or sin...

For example, what happens if you run a secret society, and someone is having loose lips? Well...

We already have dozens of these small consequences, and are planning on making a lot more! Some bring a minor boost or penalty to your religion, but other consequences might make a deep impact on your little religious society. Who knows what crazy ideas the Disciples might have...?

Thanks For Reading!

Like what you see? Have some (crazy) ideas on what consequences could be in the game? Let us know! You can also join our Discord, where Iwesometimes spoil a few secrets. Hopefully those angry villagers won't come to get us...

- Greetings from the Abbey,
Adriaan & the Monks
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