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My feedback on CYOR update

I like the game and want it to be awesome! But I do of course have some things I think could be improved on. :)

-Funeral rites tree is terrible, not because the individual options are bad, but because the entire premise is bad. Waiting for a disciple to die is a huge penalty. Not because the old age penalty is all that significant, but because by the time someone is old enough to die, you could have replaced them like ten years ago with a new disciple with a lot more potential. The only person I've ever considered letting die instead of retiring in normal game play is my initial prophet.

-Tech tree scaling is too much. What I wanted to see by the end game was one of the special buildings from each commandment, one of the bottom things from my minor tree, and two or three techs off the straight line towards the end of a tree. I think that making the cost increases be 90% of the current ones might make that happen. And/or make the side branch techs not increment the scaling counter at all or as much.

-Oh god the wait time for an initiation later in the game, please help.

- My first play through as Chastity I burned out about halfway through because I had spent so much time trying to get off the first island. (On classical/serene difficulty. I think I gave up after I took like seven free skulls. I won my second game as War on classical/serene with one bonus skull.) Not having any access to a nature class was pretty painful. I get the thematics of having things restricted like that, but I do think it makes it trickier to balance things. On the other hand, by the second to last island as War, I was really wishing I had the Ascetics healing me along the way so I didn't have to rest in the garden as much.

-I think it would be an improvement to have vision extend one additional space beyond the next space, especially if things get randomized more. Right now there's a huge advantage in memorizing all the upcoming encounters so you can prepare the right classes as you move towards them.

-I don't know if all the Temples have a one day miracle the way the War one does, but that part of it was a really big deal in getting someone ready to earn xp again by the next fight.

-I really want to see a reminder from the main city screen that someone has a skill point to spend.

-I want to be able to see a disciple's current stats when choosing my passive upgrade.

-The tech with captives giving you 100 green jugs in your tribute every now and then was right up there with the Temple of War in being MVP. I think that contributed at least a third of my total jugs over the course of the game, despite getting it like halfway through.

-High damage AoEs continue to feel like the most powerful sacrament options by a wide margin. The songsmiths on the first space of the last island definitely kicked my butt, and if my maxed out executioner managed to get off double whirlwinds at the beginning of the fight it was often over on the first turn.

I'm sure I had other thoughts, and I'll put them down thread if I remember those and/or think of new things on my next playthrough.
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Abbey Games Developer
Thanks for the feedback! Not sure when we'll be able to address all of them, but a couple (like the long waiting time for initiation) are planned for a quick patch.