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My little first impression/review/suggestion (2)


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first of all
-why 2? because i made a 2hours long post and firefox just crash before i can send it, f**** you firefox, so this one will be less huge ....
- sorry English is not my native language, your eyes may bleed ... or explode... take care, protect yourself !
- sorry if i may harsh, but i cannot stay silent for this game, i love you Abbey Games, i love Reus i love Renowned Explorer but godhood break my heart
-i understand that you are a small team and it's an early access game, don't worry i know not all the feature are in and you will fix some of the point below (i hope) but it need review so i'm here.

Here i go for the bad, strike where it hurts

from what i've ear and see (through the trailer) Godhood is a God game like Populous, Black&White or Reus, you don't have the control on all directly like a classic management game such as Simcity
but it's not, what i have seen (play), Godhood actually is not a god game it's an Iddle RPG game about religions and that all
when i thinks abbey games i thinks : replayability, diversity, long hours of fun, but Godhood nah : the game being pretty boring really fast, in 2 "runs" you have done the whole game (4-8hours) it's kinda sad, and for 20 euro it's kinda hurt

  • Too (only) much focus on the apostles/priests
why? i mean... the only things in the game the only major feature of this game is the apostles& sacrament battle, there is praticly only that ! the rest is just a village YOU BUILD (preferred to see it evolve) where his only purpose is to level up your apostles... it's not fine at all
  • No (really few) Religions diversity
that the reason who push me here to write this review. why i have brought this game? CATS RELIGION !... i mean RELIGION DIVERSITY ! Aaaand there is 3 choices .... 2 ... 1 is not implanted : war/peace, luxury/chastity (and greed/generosity but again not implanted)
No? No nonono NO NOOOO !!!(yes i'm really mad and not only because of firefox) not from a game who argue it have an infinity pool of religion to make.
yeah you can make your avatar but it doesn't change anything (and that! that understandable.) yeah you can make make some cats stone idols but they only give stat bonus for your apostle... where is the cats diversity? did they change the way of your religions evolve? no they don't, there is absolutely NO CHANGE you just have 3 choices and THAT ALL. you really need to change that (i just hope i'm not the only one that disturb to see this)
  • Age? what for? The evolution of the game is dull and the evolution of your religion is non-existent
okay, the game offer you to choose the length of your run fine, but the age are here for what? they change nothing they are just here to say : hey you are here in your run hurry up?
the evolution of your run is pretty linear, all the run you can make will be the same : sacrament, conquer, levelup apostles, sacrament conquer levelup ...
and for the evolution of your your religion, there is none, it's sad most of your god level is useless and don't change the way you have to play because there is only one way to play and it's sacrament&make follower for god xp
  • Follower = resources, miracles impact only for apostle/priest.
i mean the only purpose of the follower,fanatics ect are : resources/god xp, they play no other role in the game, they don't have feeling about your religion they don't count as part of the game they are just xp and resources
-for the miracle apostle can make they only impact the stat on them, why they don't impact the village and the follower?, but i've seen something good on ONE miracle (only =( ) the game make you choose between 2 choices, it's the wonderful hunting miracles if i remember well : your apostle go blind and alone in a hunting party and return with 3 pigs (Dat ma boy ! ) and you have to choose :
1 doesn't matter how he dit it, btw thoose 3 pigs are mine now i need dis ! (+25 offering resources but the miracle have less stat impact on your apsotle)
2 it's all because of me, imma da best ! (super miracle stat boost but no offering)
their is no other choices for the miracles, i think i will be good if you do more of that
-also the resources balance is broken, when you retire an apostle (make him leave your party) you gain tons of resources, so much it's pointless to make the 1rst choice on the hunting miracle and also pointless to "inspire" (work) your apostle on other things than the first job (follower+fate) and the temple work to perform future miracle on them (in my case war point and luxury point ....yeah i know... don't judge me)
  • the world map is useless, there is 0 God AI and 0 god powAAAa...a
"Man ! i just start to ruin your whole religion and you do nothing? you are just an idol with 0 power or a freakin awesome god ?!? ... SPEACK !!!"
well you got the point the other god are just waiting to be stomped in sacrament battle by your apostle...
"wait ... i'm a god or just a dull stone idol with 0 power?"
okay maybe it's the main difference with the other Godgame (even if actually it's not a god game like the amazing REUS) you really have no power exept inspire your apostle, but god(me...okay i stop this now)damn make at least miracle have some sort of effect and not only visual like the rain, but i play a god, i want to call the thunder on my enemy and a happy sunshine on my village ...
"Mouhahaha i may be a dull statue but i've conquered the whole WORLD ... a static and intemporal world....except for those "apostle farming point" meh"
that lead to the world map, you attack you conquer you gain your reward and ... return to your village, and that all? the map is static you only advance from fight to another fight, you have nothing else to do, you can't visit the other village, can't interact with them, nothing =/
  • no story telling, no background, no history and victory conditions are... well... meh
like the world map the story is static , the only quest you have is return to the old city stomp them and the end of the story
i've seen in some other reviews : why not make some random start with some random quest to do
you apostle can have a lineage trait witch make them happier, but that all
the world is totally empty O_O
for finishing victory condition the one where you beat all the god will be fine in the future but the alternative to it make your god max level... just a no for me all you do is full farm the first apostle job and you win. good to have an alternative victory but why this one, we are not bot, i don't want to spam click on job>apostle>job>apostle>job>apostle>pass and chain repeat it 50 times, if i'm stuck end game vs the last fight like my last run

that all for the big bad i've seen

"Basement cat is waitin for ya to correct it or ya may encounter is road moar sooner than ya think"

let's continue with the good big HUG

well there much less of that, you certainly understand why... there is little gameplay actually

  • sacrament battle are really enjoyable
it's pretty clear you make the full power on it, i really like to see these battle, a bit sad you don't and can't interfere in it but hey it's still good so far and well make !
  • miracle system is not that bad
it's just empty for now but i really like the idea of leveling your apostle by that
  • the variety of class is awsome !
when i've seen all the class possibility with all the trait the apostle can have for battle, i was like "DAAAAAMN so much combination *-*"

"Celling cat try to cheerfull ya ! ya did great job with yar previous game ya can do it again !"

and to finish some sugg

okay for me there is no junk feature in this game just we Really ( with a R not a r) need a lot more
so please :
-if you continue on focusing only on apostle do it, but do alternative to only sacrament and chaining job, apostle must have a mind, it's really boring to always tell to 3 of them yeah do that and the other just stay here absent mindly
-make the world alive ! make an AI and a system for god to god interaction on the world map, a world map moving throught time, more importantly make the follower and the village Alive not just food resources/XP and level up structure for your apostle .
-a REAL DIVERSITY a not just a bunch of statue and 3 choices for direction, i want to see IMPACT, i WANT to select a CAT ADORATION CULT and make it real, make it that really change the way my religion is ! not just my avatar and one or two statue just for the form !
-make some event where to use your(actually non-)existent god power to influence the follower, village, World !
-and add some story telling, i dunno just a box where the game tell you what you've done so far and what repercussion your action have done, this will be fine !

"Stray Cat a homeless fan of your game, waiting for this game to finally rise and shine !"


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Thanks so much for your honesty (and humor!) Straycat.
I just had a conversation with some other monks spurred by this thread, and we basically all agree with everything you have to say. Luckily, we also think we're taking steps to improve Godhood in a way that should address some of the issues it currently has.
  • We're doing an overhaul of the village gameplay to be less 'assign > gather > assign > gather > go fight' and more about making actual choices; balancing your worshippers' and disciples' needs against making preparations for the next sacrament and collecting resources.
  • While making a completely dynamic world is incredibly expensive, we definitely have ideas for how other religions could try to convert your worshippers out from under you, which you'll have to deal with. Different tiles will also offer more unique rewards and modifiers to what you'll get.
  • I definitely want to introduce more story & personality to the disciples and the enemy gods/tribes. We still have bigger fish to fry, however, so expect this after our much bigger village gameplay update.
  • Please note that the end to the game and the victory condition are incredibly Work In Progress; they are only there because we needed there to be some end to the game in this current form. As we continue development, an actual ending with victory conditions will be created!
  • Speaking of which, that is why the Ages don't really matter right now. Once the world becomes too big for you to explore in a single playthrough; the Ages will make a return to the stage. How much of the world can you convert before the Age of Mythology comes to an end?
  • Religion Diversity: this is a big topic for the team right now. We definitely had more things planned for this, but are considering introducing more nuanced and granular choices about creating your religion. You'll be the first to know when we've worked out exactly what we'd like to do with these, and I'd also love to hear your ideas for how you'd like to see this appear in the game!!
Godhood is definitely not yet finished (it is in Early Access, after all!) and we hope this first impression has given you enough to look forward to how it'll develop from here! I, for one, am really excited by your post! Your honesty is appreciated and will help us make decisions on how we'll expand Godhood.


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well i will not answer point by point but all in one : it's good to hear you listen to your community and even a simple newcommer to your forum have a ear to listen to him and even more his word is taken in consideration, for that i thanks you (still try to be honest as possible and don't hurt people as much as i can you anwser so fast i haven't the time to edit my post for correction)

Don't hope my first impression of the game is bad (more bad than good point at least) but it's your answer that make me look forward, your answer and your reputation you've gain through Reus and R.E. (when i say your reputation i mean just for me from what i've seen/play ), like i said in the preface i really love your studio and i know the game is still in early stage that why i'm here now and take 4hours of my precious time (nah that a joke i've nothin to do but play...kinda sad if i think about it =p) 2h stole by firefox !!! if my review truly help ya, well then i'm really glad =D

2 question when you have time :
i will really be the first one? x) yeah i know that will not be possible but ya know hope and believe is what a human want to live a little longer =p
2 when your face (avatar) will be in the game, need dis !

@Rascull thanks i've seen your post i don't abord some point you do !
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