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Newfound Shores Beta Feedback.


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Hey, dear monks!

First of all, I'd like to say that I do really like how the game developes!

All feedback comes from playing 3 games on classic difficulty...almost to the end. 2 of them had annoying crashes closer to the end, which I'm going to post in another thread with saves included.

Pros (compared to previous versions):
1) More thought out economics and development. I really like the fact I have to actually think right now where I want to invest my resources, but also I don't find myself in a situation where I am in a desperate need of a thing I wouldn't be able to buy in a long time. I believe it's a good thing.
2) I love the dream system! First of all, it's really "godly". Visions and stuff, I like the feeling. Secondly, the more expensive dreams I found highly useful in many situations. Like, I have 1 underleveled Light based disciple and going against several dark opponents. I can just use a dream granting Light attacks instead of waiting for another suitable initiate to turn into another Light based disciple just to pass this one fight.
3) I like the idea and implementation of including another religion's elements into your own. The texts are often funny and expressive.
4) As a separate implication from point 1 I'd like to highlight more control of disciples' development. You can have as many ability points as you can afford, progressive costs let you shape the basics of your disciple easily while crafting a disciple of your dreams costs a lot. It's fair. Religion based passives are also cool and useful. You could also add tenet based passives for more variety. Just saying ;)
5) I really like how different morale and physical attacks have become. Becoming broken by physical means is definitely easier then becoming broken by morale means even irl, gameplay actually makes much more sense now :)
6) Is Holy McGuffin a temporary beta name for the thing or is it final? I LOLd hard when I first saw it :)

I. UI and tutorial issues:
1) Well, at the point when I first found out how to unlock new classes and better initiates it was already to late to change anything :) My team already sucked hard and I restarted. I just didn't see the tabs looking only on the possible buildings list! I'm not the most perceptive person, I often can't even find food in the fridge, but I guess I'm not the only one.
2) Even later did I understand how to use dreams which cost more then 1 dream point. I didn't think this little arrow is actually clickable, I though of it as just an element of visual design.
3) Maybe there was something else, but all these options should really be mentioned in the tutorial text at least. Or in the actual interactive tutorial if it's going to happen.
4) Why am I not able to access the menu from the island map view? I believe the menu whould be accessible from anywhere.

II. Bugs and typos.
1) There's a "technology" in the generosity tree which should give additional ability points whenever another disciple gets one. Either it doesn't work or I don't understand how it should work.
2) Lots of variable names in tooltip texts. I dunno if you actually know that, but almost ANY tooltip has something like disciple.name, disciple.hisHer. Please check. I could post some examples, but really there are too many of them atm.
3) A crash occures while attempting to load autosave of a game state between 2 sacraments of a composite mission. I guess you should avoid making this autosave altogether.
4) Wondrous miracle bug was mentioned elsewhere. In addition there's a bug in Madness' Temple of Chaos. If you choose the second option after the miracle (followers one, not gambling) you actually get "Envoy" miracle instead of "Delirium" :) Also, is the following a bug or feature? If you succesfully gamble in the temple of Chaos you get one crystal scull, but no miracle?

III. Balance.
1) I feel like the disciples are dying too fast. I've seen it discussed elsewhere, but want to also mention the point.
2) I feel like defensive abilities and stats are pretty underwhelming. I didn't test them extensively, but I've never seen the need to upgrade my disciple's health or devotion. Maybe I should make a playthrough with chastity and see how it goes.
3) What the hell is this sacrifice tenet? One special attack for one diciple feels kinda underwhelming compared to the options other tenets provide... Something more global is definitely needed. Like buff for everyone being in one team with our Sacrifice Guy in a sacrament OR granting this special sacrifice thought to everyone in a team with Sacrifice Guy or whatever. Am I wrong? What if actually the Sacrifice Guy gets this special ability into the list of his available abilies and can just upgrade or replace it like the other ones?
4) Maybe I was just unlucky, but at the end of game I never had more than two "purple" totem disciples. Is it OK? Should it be that rare? To clear things up, I always fully upgrade "youthling education" or whatever is it called on the very first island. I always have my second wave of initiates fully upgraded.
5) Hm, is it OK to only be able to choose one initiate from the wave? Maybe let us choose additional ones with the use offerings? Sometimes it's infuriating how after completely useless waves comes one full of great choices.
6) Speaking of side-element abilities of religion-based classes. Lust priest has light attack, but you don't want it to fight against the dark. Chastity priest has dark attack but you don't want him to meet nature. These are useless. On the other hand Peace priest has divine ability and Madness priest has nature which are kinda more useful. Do you consider it OK? If yes then why?

IV. Minor suggestions, questions and stuff.
1) Speaking of tenets. How many of them are you going to have? I don't like that most of them have dark/aggressive feeling. Really, having generous religion sacrifice people? What options do I have if I'm making a kind and bright religion?
I believe you view the tenets as additional little traditions of your religion. Am I correct? I think "good"/"neutral" tenets like Sun Worship, Moon Worship, Element Worship (Fire/Air/Earth/Water/Whatever Else) can make me happy when choosing spices for my religion.
2) An option to rechoose a destined mission at least for additional price of, say, offerings would be nice.
3) Speaking of controlling sacraments. Why did you got rid of an option to specify desired thought for a disciple based on his/her faith? I remember it had a dramatic influence in the old versions of a game, too dramatic definitely, but you could make it +1 for happy, +2 for ecstatic and it would be a nice bonus for controlling your disciples' mood while not overwhelming. Now I don't feel the mood of a disciple matters much during a sacrament cause it affects random chances which are hard to evaluate from the player's perspective.
4) The ending message says you're looking for new class suggestions. Why? Don't we actually have enough already? How are you going to incorporate new classes? Tenet based?

All in all, I should mention when my beta playthrough ends I still want to continue. It is a good sign, I believe. I like the game very much. Thank you.
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Funeral Rites are a neutral tenet (if you go the burial route, not the cannibalism one obviously), and Animism is certainly the brightest one - although it has pretty narrow uses from a gameplay perspective so it may or may not fit your religion. But I certainly wouldn't mind another tenet or two for more variance.


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Thanks a lot for all this feedback! There's a lot of things that go straight on a list, so I'll touch the more complicated issues!

1. Sacrifice Tenet is going to work differently. The Master of Sacrifice will be a real power player!
2. Defenses being underwhelming is very interesting, and certainly something I will take a look at. It scales really well (every 25 armor = 50% reduction, so at 50 armor you're looking at 75% damage reduction), but they are much harder to really see at work.
3. Faith is going to have a bigger impact, but not in this version unfortunately!
4. Initiates are going to be slightly different as well, but again, not for this update. :(
5. Double-elemented classes... Good point. It's a problem of the wheel. The only simple solution I can think of, is making those abilities sneakier by having a higher chance to target someone not directly in front of it. It's a nuance, and maybe even OP, but else I would neet to switch the classes around - that might be too much too!
6. More classes, well! This going to depend a bit. I'm looking at tightening up the strategic elements of the game, where every game you play 4-6 classes that create synergies with each other. Depending on how that works out, the game could become a lot more interesting with a few new classes! But it might also be enough right now.
7. Tenets... yessss.... To be totally honest, I'm a bit stuck on the trees and their role in the game. I'm thinking on how I want to do this, but I don't have a clear answer yet. You're right that they're limited.